Friday, April 1, 2011

Joke's on Him

I woke up this morning to find a bunch of April Fools "presents" around my house, left for me by my loving husband. Each one had a little note explaining why he chose that gift, and they were all silly things that made me roll my eyes, shake my head, or just burst out laughing.

That's a roll of nickels. Way back in high school my husband used to walk by my locker in the mornings, throw some change into it and yell (yell) "Thanks for last night!"

Super-hero silly bands. If you know my husband, this is not surprising at all.

Yes, that's a bag of AIR.

I found this on my treadmill. I hate orange-flavored anything!

This note was on the freezer door. Inside the freezer....

It's a 30 Rock reference that I'm not going to explain. But it made me laugh.

I talked to my cute husband about half-way through the day and he asked me how I liked all my gifts. We had a laugh about all the funny things he left for me, and he finally asked me if he had gotten a FedEx box. He gets boxes from FedEx, UPS, and USPS daily - sometimes all 3 in the same day, so I thought nothing of this. I told him he had gotten a small box and he said, "Good. Now imagine it has a note on it that says 'Because you can't see clearly' and open it." I was confused as to why he wanted me to open his FedEx box, but I did it anyway. Inside, I found this....
For non-photogs, that's a pretty amazing little camera lens that I've been drooling over ever since my sister-in-law got it a few months ago. It's kind of expensive just to pick up on a whim, so I had been trying to justify buying it. Luckily, my husband is all about getting me what I want and he felt April Fools day was just as good an occasion as any. I don't argue, I just smile and enjoy the presents! Just another example of why I call myself The Luckiest!

Here are some cute shots of my gorgeous bebe that I took right away...

So maybe my husband got me with all those silly gifts - and the one really amazing one, but the joke's really on him. Somehow I fooled him into marrying me!

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  1. Could she be any cuter!? She's so so so so so so so SOOOO adorable! Thanks for sharing!


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