Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today at nap time...

I put away laundry? Uh, no. Worked out? Please. Made those phone calls I've been needing to return? Nope. Picked up toys? Someone please tell me the point of that.

Most parents know that nap time is one of the few times of the day that you could maybe perhaps get one teeny tiny thing done that has no doubt been waiting for at least days, maybe weeks, maybe longer. Like many other parents, I'm sure, I tend to keep a running list of those things so when nap time rolls around I have a little direction and something with which to fight the little voice in my head telling me I don't really have anything I need to get done today.

On today's list - master bathroom and clean bed sheets. I fool myself and act like I have a "schedule" or "routine" that I stick to and do certain chores on certain days to ensure that they're always done weekly, but the truth is life is not that dependable. And life with two babies under one year old and only 6 months apart in age is even less dependable. Nap time? If I'm lucky (which I am... blog title, duh).

Generally my baby, an astonishing 11.5 months old (ack!) is actually incredibly dependable when it comes to her naps. Rarely are they less than an hour and a half, and rarely are there less than 2 naps a day. On occasion she'll take a really stellar 3-3.5 hour morning nap and then we forego the afternoon nap. But she is an excellent napper under normal circumstances. Enter 5.5 month old nephew, Austin. He has what I call a semi-schedule. He goes to bed, wakes, and has his first few feedings about the same time every day. After that it can get dicey. He has been doing better with naps (around an hour, give or take), but some days still only sleeps for around 30 minutes. His nap (he takes one a day) tends to dictate the rest of his day. Will there be another nap? What time will he be hungry? Some days he is awake by the time my baby falls asleep, and I take her upstairs maybe 15 minutes after he falls asleep. It makes for a crazy day.

So in case you ever wondered why it's biologically impossible to have two babies only 6 months apart - which no sane person would ever wonder - this is why. Two babies this age could drive a mom to drink! Don't worry, I don't :) But in all seriousness, it's a lot to handle. I am grateful that one baby leaves at 5 p.m. and sleeps at someone else's house!

To finish my title sentence, today at nap time... I cleaned half of my bathroom and did not eat lunch. There ya go. Want to share about all the amazing things you get accomplished at nap time? Complete the sentence starter in a comment!


  1. took a in and out shower, got dressed. second nap I wrote notes to the ladies I visit for church since I didn't visit in person this month, made Maddy a nice lunch, and grabbed a handful of cheezits for my lunch b/c baby woke up. i'm currently typing one handed baby in the other :)

  2. Today at nap time I started a load of wash, put one in the dryer, folded a third, did the emptied and filled the dishwasher, vacuumed the living room and cut schematics (engineering images for John's business). All the while dreaming I was napping too!


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