Monday, April 11, 2011

Not Me! Monday

Have you ever started your morning with M&Ms instead of... well, anything else? Have you ever fed your baby of less than 1 year a slice of turkey and provolone for breakfast because you ran out of baby food? Have you ever allowed your child, who seems to prefer trash over toys, to go "shopping" in the recycling bin for something to play with while you cooked dinner -- only to later discover a paper towel roll on the floor with a bite out of it? Have you ever used the mirror of a baby toy to apply your lipstick? Ever turned to put something in your trash can and found your baby screaming belly-up on the floor with the pattern of your living room rug in her forehead... before 9 am?? (something that might only happen if you had left your baby on the couch while you went to the trash can, which I'm sure you've never done)

Ha, not me.

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