Saturday, May 14, 2011

I wanted a picture of Andrew...

.... but all I got were these pictures of the cute babieeeeees! Oh darn :)

Our bebe girl LOVED Benjamin - and it's easy to see why :) 

 We were already arranging the betrothal. You gotta nail a face like his down early!

Lydia looks like she could use a little sister... 

My very good friend, Andrew (the dad on Planted & Blooming) was in town from Texas for a few short hours so we met up with him at his sister's house for dinner and visiting. His sister's three kids are the ones in these pictures with my teeny tiny bebe. They were so adorable and our little one just loved playing with them. Andrew on the other hand... she was not such a fan of. If you read P&B you know that he now has 3 little girls of his own. This guy is pretty skilled with little kids and I fully expected our baby girl to just adore him. All I could picture were the cute photos I'd have of them giggling together. It went more like this...

We arrived at his sister, Lisa's house. We said hello to Lisa. Andrew walked in the room and gave me a hug (I was holding bebe girl at the time). Bebe girl did not appreciate said hug and burst into tears. Not just a little pout, but loud wailing sobs. She calmed down and played with Lisa's kids for a bit, and then Andrew looked at her. Sobs. More playing. Andrew in the room. Sobs. Two minutes before we had to leave, I recalled that bebe girl thinks it's really fun to scare people. She has learned to say "boo" which she actually says, "DOOOOO" when she's playing peek-a-boo and it's a riot. She especially loves it if the person acts dramatically startled. I explained this to Andrew and he played along. She giggled a few times and it was time to go. So much for my Andrew-Bebe photo shoot. Good thing they'll be back for Christmas!! 

**Disclaimer: This post was not expressly intended to make Laura jealous, therefore no responsibility is claimed for any resulting jealousy ;) We, here in The Luckiest household, have nothing but love for Laura.

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  1. LOVE it!!! So cute and funny, I love your disclaimer! Will you email me those photos!? they are so cute! I'm glad Carsen loved Benjamin... he's a keeper! so is she ;)Was so fun having you guys! we should do it again soon.Did Carsen get upset with him in the car on the way home?God bless!


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