Saturday, May 14, 2011

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Every so often my hubby has a "Guys' Night" at his buddy's house. They drink beer and play video games or watch movies I never care to watch. Typical guy stuff. I think guys' night is important. For me though, it kind of sucks. Tonight is guys' night. Hubby usually gets home somewhere between 2-3 a.m. which means I'm on my own for most of the night. My sister-in-law does live with us, but she has a very busy life so she's often not around on weekend nights. Unfortunately, I am just not wild about being home alone, especially with a baby. I feel like I need to be ultra-prepared for any emergency, mainly if we needed to get out of the house quickly. I turn lights on in the basement and leave the TV running so that it's obvious from the outside that people are in here and are awake. I don't go to bed and don't put my baby upstairs in her bed either. I don't want to have to race up the stairs in an emergency to have to get her. You just never know, I want her with me. I don't even take my contacts out. And if I'm not a little edgy to begin with, I have a dog who goes into high gear whenever the hubs is gone. He grumbles, growls and barks at e-v-e-r-y sound. While it's great to know that he would react if someone was trying to get into the house, it also scares the daylights out of me making me think he hears something I don't and maybe we are actually in danger. Young as I may be, my ticker does not take this well.

So that's where we are tonight. It is, in fact, a dark and stormy night. I'm catching up on DVRed shows. I snuggled my bebe to sleep and she is now happily snoozing away on the couch beside me. I thought about getting The King's Speech on demand, but movies wear me out. For some reason 15 episodes of Dear Genevieve and Sarah's House seem so much less daunting than a whole movie. Mathematically it doesn't make sense, but in my mind, that's how it is.

Seeing as this is my 2nd post of the evening, I'd say it's about time for a bowl of cereal. Wish me luck for the rest of the night! :]

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