Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just Kidding

I'm sure you're expecting that after so much time has passed since my last posting that I'm going to have a nice big update for you full of photos and details of all the things we've been up to. Sadly, that is not so. I hate disappointing you, I really do, but my time has been so severely limited recently. In the past 3 weeks I've been 1) preparing for my baby's first birthday & Easter (same day), 2) Preparing for my baby's first birthday party the following weekend, which I still ended up staying up 23 hours the day before trying to make sure everything was done, and 3) Trying to clean up after the party! It's been really busy. I haven't been able to run because I had to use my baby's afternoon nap time to go to the stores and get things. Nap times have been off for both babies, maybe because I've been somewhat "off," but that makes it impossible to do anything during the day. Like, I'm lucky if I got to eat lunch in peace.

But now that all those things are over, I'm focusing on cleaning out some older toys and making room for all the new birthday gifts. I also acquired a chest of drawers from my mom's house that I'm going to refinish and put in the baby's room. We've run out of closet space for all of her clothes! I've tried a couple of different closet organization strategies in an effort to avoid putting more furniture in her room, but the result has just been a messy room because I can't store anything else in her closet. I still feel a little overwhelmed by all the things I feel like I need to do. I haven't uploaded pictures here or to Facebook in weeks, which makes it a huge undertaking that I never feel like I have time to start on. I shrink my pictures at the very least, but also like to clean them up a bit in my editor so it's not as simple as selecting files and clicking upload. I guess it could be, but that's like handing in a project that doesn't represent my best work. Just something I have a hard time doing.

You're probably wondering amidst all this complaining about how I have no time for anything, how exactly I have the time to write this. Well I am currently on what I can only assume is the tail end of a nap. Both babies have been asleep for a while and I've managed to have lunch and run through my kettlebell routine for a little bit of exercise. It's at that point though when I know at any second I'm going to hear one of them wake up. I figured I could at least hop on here and write up a quick hello and brief update. I plan to give the full story on my bebe's birthday, party, and our Mother's day fun in an upcoming post. So stay tuned, I'm hoping it's not too far off at this point!

And before I go, a cute photo to entice you to return for the full story....
My little teeny birthday bebe!

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