Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mysteries of the Toddler Diet

Looks pretty appetizing, doesn't it? Guess whose baby won't eat mac n cheese? That's right - mine. Have you ever heard of a toddler that won't eat mac n cheese? How about a toddler that won't eat bananas? I have - mine, again.

I give you: Mysteries of the Toddler Diet (or at least my toddler's diet)

If it's not weird enough that she won't eat bananas or mac n cheese, she also dislikes other noodles and pasta. She does not like mashed potatoes. She will eat carrots in baby food form, but not cooked soft and diced. Once she ate nearly half of my sweet potato at dinner, so when I made one for her with lunch the next day you can imagine my shock when she wouldn't touch it. She once ate bites of my ham and cheese sandwich but when I cut one up and gave it to her in her high chair she wouldn't eat it. In fact, she won't eat any lunch meat or sliced cheese (unless it's in a grilled cheese). She loves chicken, beef, and pork. She likes peas, broccoli, and lots of fruits. She eats mini wheats. Why won't she eat rice? Tonight for dinner she pushed her spaghetti aside and ate only the ground turkey from the sauce. I swear if I only fed her multi-grain cheerios, she would be happy to live on them. One habit I'm very happy about is that she LOVES water. Granted, we've never given her juice, but she still drinks it like it's a big treat.

I know that there are a lot of toddlers that only eat like 3 foods so it could be much worse. I just have to laugh that at just over 1 year old she's already telling me/insisting what she likes and doesn't like. Guess I might as well get used to it! But we'll continue to try new foods. I always just give her whatever we're having for dinner. I'd say lunch is our biggest challenge in terms of variety. I don't want to feed her grilled cheese every day - and as history has proven leftover dinners can be hit or miss! Have you had good luck with any particular foods or meals? I'm always up for suggestions :)

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  1. texture is a big hurdle for kids to get over! All four of mine wouldn't go near pasta! Keep reintroducing it as time goes on, she may surprise you :0) again, haha! george is my most vocal, and he would actual say "no, gross" if something didn't feel right in his mouth (rice included) he'd spit it out in pure panic as if I were trying to poison him! Sometimes it's a game to simply say no to food as well, and even more fun to eat what you're eating, for example George will eat chex cereal from my bowl, but if I pour it in his bowl refuses. Kids are strange! Good luck!


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