Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Vacation

Remember my brief mention of our summer vacation a few posts back? Well as it is fast approaching (yet not close enough for me to begin actual preparations) I decided to gush all about it for you here on my blog!

I'll start by telling you that this vacation has been in the works since January 2009! Way back then my sister was trying to plan a big vacation for our siblings and parents in the Outer Banks, NC. Unfortunately, her husband's work schedule is such that in the summer time his vacation dates are non-negotiable. He is told when his vacation time is and that's when they have to schedule their trips. Also unfortunately, I was still in grad school and had a class going on the week that they could go away. Needless to say the big family trip didn't happen, but we all said that we were in for next time it worked out. Summer 2010 my baby was super tiny so we didn't travel.  Now it's summer 2011 and we've got us a great big house on the beach for July 24-31st.

In my family we are beach-loving people so this is an ideal vacation for us. Our place is on a beautiful un-crowded beach and we'll all be there together. There will be 8 adults and five kids ages 12 and under so it should be a riot. My intention is to spend the morning on the beach with my Bebe, take her in for lunch and her nap, spend nap time on the beach reading or something, and then have a little more beach time in the afternoon with the Bebe before dinner. Heaven! And after the munchkins are all in bed, the liquor comes out.

Each couple is taking turns cooking dinner one night and then there are two nights we'll do a fancier dinner that we're all going in on, and the last night we'll order out for simplicity. We're planning to head out of here in the wee hours of Sunday morning to get there mid-day. Check in isn't until 4 pm, but hello, the beach will be waiting to welcome us at any time! Thinking about it, I haven't laid eyes on the ocean in at least 2 years and I think that was just a long weekend. There's just something about the ocean for me. I doubt I can accurately put words to it, so I won't attempt.

I'm also taking my camera equipment to hopefully get some nice photos of our giant family on our first big vacation ever. Prior to '06 the hubs and I weren't even together, and since then there hasn't been a trip that we were all able to make it for. But you've all seen how the group shots of our 5 little rascals turned out two weekends ago, so I make no promises on the photos except that I'm sure they'll be priceless no matter what.

I will be taking my computer as I anticipate needing to unload my camera at least once, and in this digital age who wants the limitations on their picture-taking? So I also intend to blog a few times while we're there, though I won't promise. I think I'll definitely be anxious to share everything, and I know I will feel overwhelmed if I come home with 1,000 pictures to edit and upload. So hopefully I'll be able to at least share some previews and highlights while we're there.

We are leaving a week from this Sunday, so that means we need to spend this weekend getting some of our logistical plans in gear. My Type-A self is off to work on the spreadsheets to ensure that we get there without a hiccup! Go ahead, wish you were me :)  J/K of course!

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