Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Cuteness, Fun, and Fall Creepiness

Also known as a phone dump. I just had to share some of the hilarious and adorable shots I've captured recently of C being her usual silly self :)

Bringing back leg-warmers [daddy's socks]

Swinging with her cousins at the annual family picnic/reunion

Waiting for her daddy to get home from work

A disgusting, gigantic spider who put an enormous web just off our deck. Right below this web is the doorway where you walk out of our basement! I thought he was actually dead so J blew on him last night.... he's very much alive :-/

Playing Rapunzel with daddy [the Tangled version, note her use of a frying pan]

Playing with some other kids while mommy shopped [at our favorite baby consignment store]

Browsing some books at the library

Here's what she picked out to read...

Just hangin' around at the playground

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