Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Final Countdown

You know your baby-prep to-do list is all checked off when you have time for celebratory baby-girl-themed manicures :D

Meals are in the freezer, changing tables are stocked, the fridge and pantry are packed, hospital bags are ready, equipment is washed and set up, the house is guest-ready... and now we just wait. I intend to spend the time trying to relax, but also soaking up my only child while she's still an only child. The weather this week is going to be rotten so we won't be out going places, but maybe that's good for some extra snuggling, and book reading, and playing pretend. I know there will be less time/flexibility for those things once Reagan is here. 

I'm sure I'll also keep myself busy during any down time by continuing to find little things here and there that can be done around the house in addition to the "maintenance" items like dusting and keeping the kitchen and bathrooms sparkly. I'll probably wash and wipe things that don't really need it or that I otherwise wouldn't care about. And I'll blog, of course. I finished Carsen's quilt for her big-girl bed, so I'll put that post together with photos and my instructions. I found a few things along the way that I would have done differently than the tutorial I used, so I'll write about them in case anyone else is feeling inspired to make one. 

Stay tuned for updates on our status and progress between now and delivery!

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