Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A day off...

Thank God for elections, for many reasons including the day I get to be off work. Josh surprised me and took off work also when he originally only told me he'd sleep in with me a little bit. So sneaky my husband is. We did sleep in a bit, and when I realized it was 9:00 and I could still hear him in the office, my suspicions raised. I was right - he was staying home with me. Fortunately he has a job flexible enough that he does that quite often - taking off work when I have days off. It's really nice, and I look forward to that in the future.

So we began the day with pancakes, yum, and watching Friends. We've been working our way through the entire series and are now on Season 9. Rachel just had Emma. I'm kind of sad that it's almost over. I have no idea what we'll do when it's done. Since we don't have cable, and the writers have been on strike, there is very little to watch on actual television. I'm sure we'll jump right into a season of something else. And there's always Arrested Development! (Which you should watch, if you haven't). After pancakes we voted. It was neat. I won't go into my "Social Studies Teacher Rant" on why you should vote and how important it is, but I hope you voted too. When we got home it was basically time for lunch, so we ate again... and watched more Friends. It was a really exciting day off, as you're seeing.

It was after lunch that we kind of settled into our own activities and things we wanted to get done on our day off. For Josh this meant cleaning up the office, filing papers, making administrative phone calls to places like Lowe's. For me it was reading a chapter on psychoanalysis for school tomorrow night and making a post on Blackboard for Thursday. The best part of this (and my day) was when Josh picked up his guitar and began playing along with his iPod and singing to me while I read. I once told an ex-boyfriend (who asked) some of the things that I thought were really hot in a guy, and playing guitar was way up there on my list. The guy couldn't play and actually got really mad because he fit none of the things I listed. But it all makes sense now. I'm sitting in the office working on my life goals of being a school counselor, and my husband sits in the background playing guitar for me. It was just a moment that couldn't have felt more like a dream come true for me. And then I add on top of all that the fact that my husband is this guy from high school that I once thought didn't really care for me, even though I thought he was such a cool kid. We went years barely in contact with each other and now we're married. It's definitely the coolest thing to ever happen to me.

And while I write this he says out of nowhere, "Thanks for marrying me." And that's how I know that I am the luckiest. :o)

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