Thursday, February 21, 2008

One is the Loneliest Number

It's Thursday, usually my favorite day of the week, and I'm home by myself. I'm almost never home by myself and the truth is -- I hate it. I used to be super independent and didn't mind being by myself. I moved into my own apartment and never felt scared about living there alone. But now that I've spent so much time being with someone every single day and night, my imagination runs wild when I'm home by myself. Having Sheppie helps because I know he'll bark if he hears something I don't hear. Unfortunately, he barks at everything he hears that I don't hear and sometimes it's too quiet for a sudden loud noise. He startles me and then I want to scold him for it. I'd rather just have Josh home.

Anyway, my night is going to consist of Chick-fil-A, whatever NBC has to offer (since that's the only channel we get) and a lot of window watching while I hope for some serious snow. Currently I'm half-watching "My Name Is Earl" just because it's on. Before tonight I've only ever seen the very end of the show where the two men are always in bed together, and that's only because it's ending when our shows start on Thursdays. That bed scene has always kind of creeped me out, and what I can see of the rest of the show it's pretty creepy too. After this is Celebrity Apprentice. I can at least tolerate that... and let's face it, is anyone creepier than Donald Trump?

Who am I kidding? My brain is on the weather. The forecast for tomorrow is positively dreadful and it looks like we might get our first snow day of the school year! I know I shouldn't count on it, and we told all the kids "see you tomorrow!" as they were leaving this afternoon. Still I can't help but hear the news and think -- there's no way they're sending us in with a forecast like that. I think timing is on our side too. The snows we've gotten so far this year have been mid-day or afternoon and once we're at school it takes a lot for them to send us home. That call also has to be made by 10 a.m. so anything that starts after that is worthless. But tonight, things are supposed to get started around midnight, and turn messy around 8 a.m. -- a teacher's dream! I just have to hope things go according to the forecasted timeline.

And in the mean time, Josh is still out. He was taking a 4-year old friend of his to see High School Musical at the Hippodrome tonight. I was supposed to go but decided that after work all day and then class until 6:30 I wasn't going to feel up for rushing downtown to watch High School Musical. I've seen more of that than I care to as it is. We're not that far from downtown either, but he had to drive the little guy back to Eldersburg after the show before coming home which is way out of his way. Hopefully the weather holds out entirely until he gets home and then it can snow like crazy (and it better). I think I need some milk & cookies while I wait. Thanks for keeping me company tonight. This is probably a pretty lame post since it doesn't really say anything, but I needed someone to talk to while I sat here all night alone :o)

And hey, if we're both lucky maybe I'll be here again tomorrow!

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  1. Oh I'm so glad you updated! And I actually love when people write and they just tell about the normal stuff that they're thinking. Let me tell you that I am soooo over snow. I told John that I'm going on snow strike. I am ready for spring and easter bunnies/candy and for long walks and daffodils. Have I made you stir-crazy yet?? :)Also, I am stoked that you might come out to Utah. I am also stoked that you wanted to stalk my blog. So I'm signing in as my blogger self to leave this comment so you can just click on my profile and get there. Well I better go, Madeline is pulling books off the shelf. :) Love, Jenn


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