Sunday, April 6, 2008

Short stories

Even though it's been awhile since I posted, I really don't have anything huge to share. I did want to tell a couple of stories about things people did that were cute. The first story is about my nephew, Leo. He just turned three at the end of February and has started going to pre-school one morning a week. At his pre-school they sing a song so that the children don't get too upset when their mom's leave. It goes like this: "my mommy comes back, she always comes back, she never would forget me..." Ok. So one day my sister was driving Leo home from school and she started singing the song to him, but instead of saying "mommy" she said "My Leo comes back, he always comes back...." And from the back seat she heard Leo say indignantly, "Nooooooo. I don't dwive! I'd cwash up the caw!" [I've replaced the r's with w's to illustrate the Boston accent all three-year olds seem to have.] And ever since then if you start singing "My Leo comes back" he'll shout the same response. It's priceless and we've gotten much enjoyment out of doing this.

The second story is about my husband. He'll probably not like that I'm sharing this but I thought it was well worth posting. One day last week I was working hard to finish a paper I had to write for class so he volunteered to make dinner. He was making this meatloaf recipe that we adapted from my mom's original. He had put it all together and shaped it nicely in a glass baking dish. It went into the oven and when it was time to take it out I heard Josh say, "Oh, I ruined our meal." I looked over at the stove and saw nothing out of the ordinary, so I started telling him I was sure it tasted great. Then he said that he had meant to cover the meatloaf with foil before he baked it and realized that he had actually covered it with Saran wrap without thinking. Needless to say I'm sure there was liquified Saran throughout the meatloaf. He felt so terrible but we both had a good laugh. I made him feel better by reminding him that I painted the entire living/dining room, then decided I didn't like the color and made us repaint. I felt that was a much bigger mistake, and a bigger waste.

Other than the fun of those two stories, we've had a fun weekend celebrating my mom's birthday. Tomorrow is a professional day which ends the third marking period and starts the fourth. I can't believe it's the last nine weeks of school already -- but I am totally counting down. It's even worse knowing I won't be back at this school. I'm pretty excited to be out of there for good. Next weekend is my grandmother's 90th birthday so we're leaving Friday to visit her in western MD over the weekend. We'll be back Sunday because I have class all day. Yes, graduate school class all day (9-4) on a Sunday. Blah. We're also in the process of converting part of our basement into the "new" office. It's kind of an odd shaped room and one end has a tv/sitting area but the rest was just collecting stuff. So recently Josh took it upon himself (God bless him) to clean it all out. The best thing we could think of to do with the space was turn it into an office area. So far it's looking really nice. My desk is already moved and we're just working on cleaning up a few more things to get Josh's desk down here. We're going to put the futon upstairs in the 3rd bedroom (former office) and keep Josh's guitars and piano in there as a music room for him. We're getting ready to purchase a bunch of equipment so he can start recording some of his songs. It's something he's wanted to do for a long time so it'll be great for him to have the opportunity to actually do it. And you never know, it could become something one day ;o]

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