Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's the Holiday Season! :)

My favorite scene from The Great Pumpkin - "you owe me restitution!"

So much going on... where do I start? I would tell you about our Halloween on Friday night but we didn't do anything out of the ordinary. We handed out candy at home and some friends came over later to play Rock Band. No surprises there :)

Yesterday was Josh's dad's 50th birthday. His mom wanted to throw a coctail party, so we were at his parents' house last night for that. It was an interesting experience. There were a lot of people from his dad's work that we didn't really know. We all had to dress up which was out of our usual comfort zone too. Thankfully his brothers and their wife & girlfriend were great company. We eventually took over the dining room with their uncle and kept each other entertained.

Today was mostly just relaxing and recovering. What an exciting weekend, right?

On Saturday morning we also went to get my new glasses that I told you about. I was expecting a little bit of an adjustment since it's been so long since I've gotten a new prescription. However, this adjustment was more than what I was prepared for. I love my new frames, they're so cute, but I was disappointed that it was so bothersome to wear them. Have you ever been in a "fun house" where things that are usually straight are set at odd angles, like door frames and walls? This was similar. When I got out of the car and stepped up on the curb it looked like a serious hill, and so did the steps up to our door. I wore them around for a while trying to adjust and then started getting a headache. It was such a relief to take them off. I tried again this morning and the same thing happened. Then this evening I decided to give it one more shot, but no luck. So now I have to call back in the morning and hope that there's something they can do.

So upcoming, tomorrow is a professional day because it's the end of the first quarter. That's right - I survived the first quarter of the school year!!! Hooray! I can't say it's gone by fast, but it's a fun milestone. Second quarter includes the upcoming holiday season, so I feel like it may go by quicker than this one did. I am also off on Tuesday for the elections, of course. It's pretty exciting.
And let's face it, now that it's November, the holidays are here! All the stores have Christmas stuff out, there are a mere 3 weekends until Thanksgiving and then *gasp* only 3 Saturdays before Christmas! I even changed into my winter purse! Knowing that such a wonderful time of year is approaching (with oh-so-many days off school...) makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside :) We already have our turkey-day plans: we're having Thanksgiving on Thursday at Josh's brother Nathan's house, then hosting a Thanksgiving that Josh and his college roommates always have on "Black Friday" and also having a dinner at my mom's on Saturday that weekend. I'm not sure how Christmas is shaping up yet, but I do know I have 2 full weeks off school that Josh is taking off work with me!

So I guess I'll stop carrying on and get ready for bed. It's been a busy weekend and a very lazy day today. I still need to get into work at a decent time tomorrow even though there are no students. I hope everyone (like all 4 of you) had a great Halloween weekend and are getting as excited as I am for the Holiday Season!!

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