Monday, November 3, 2008

My Two Cents

I've avoided a political post up until now. It's the night before election day and I just feel compelled to say a few words.

Most people who know me well know that I feel very strongly about politics. And as strongly as I feel, I'm actually very very reasonable when it comes to taking the good with the bad and being able to say - yes, I'm associated with this party, but here's where I disagree with them; or - that is not my party, but I see their point. Anyway, I have my notions and predictions about the outcome of tomorrow's election. And I believe it's not going to go the way I'd like. But I can honestly say, I can still see the upside to that. I'm very curious to see what happens and despite all the fear and predictions people have made over the past 2 years (or eternity) that this campaign has been going on, I am still hopefull that we will remain a great country no matter what. I like to think that the great Constitution our founding fathers put in place will provide the baseline and structure that keeps America amazing regardless of the particular leader.

Take George Bush, for example. So many people hate him, blame him, curse him, you name it. BUT, can anyone really say they'd rather be subject to any other government than the United States? Would all those people really rather live in another country? I know there are people who do.... but where are they? Here. They must not want to leave that badly. We have it better than anywhere else in the world because this country was founded by geniuses. Look back on history at all of America's mistakes. Look back on all the presidents that people hated. Look back on all the failed ideas and failed attempts and general bad choices that have been made. We're still #1, I don't care how you slice it. Other countries hate us because they want to be us. It's not a bad position to be in. And I'll say it again - it's thanks to our Constitution and our incredible founding fathers.

That said, regardless of who we elect, I am confident that America will be better for it. If mistakes are made, we will learn - just like we have from every other historical moment and event - and come out stronger. We are a nation of patriots, and if we get into a hole, we will dig ourselves out. More than anything, we are a nation of faith. No matter what this country is faced with, the American people will ask for God's help, and God will not forsake us.

So - down off the soap box - I hope everyone goes out to vote for whomever your heart desires. And remember to go to Starbucks and tell them you voted... you get free coffee! :) Happy voting.

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