Saturday, November 29, 2008

Counting Blessings

This post is going to be quick tonight, and that's because it's mostly a prayer request. Our Thanksgiving was lovely at Nathan & Erin's house, and we hosted another fun dinner at our house Friday night. Little did I know, that while we were eating, drinking, and being merry, my dad had fallen in his apartment by himself and was hurt badly enough that he couldn't get up for help. He layed in the hallway outside of his bathroom for two days - Wednesday through Friday - before my uncle got worried and went to his house. They took him to the hospital and discovered that he had had a pretty serious stroke which caused his fall. On top of that he was severely dehydrated and weak from being on the floor without food, water or his medicine for days. He is in the hospital recovering but the extent of the damage from the stroke is still unclear. He can talk, understand, move his arms and legs, feed himself and all that. But he's pretty banged up from taking the fall and his having some trouble with his speech and getting back on his feet. We're praying for full recovery, but know that it's all in God's hands. So all of you prayerful blog-readers of mine :) please pray also. He can use all the help he can get.


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