Sunday, November 9, 2008

Speaking of Change...

I promise this isn't political! :)

Some of you may know that recently I have been seriously considering cutting my hair... like cutting my hair. It started as just one of those ordinary moments when you realize your hair is getting too long. For me, it's when I have a hard time reaching the ends of it in the shower - and I have pretty long arms. It's also when I try to put it up (as you know I always do) and my hair ties struggle to fit around it, or it's so big and lumpy up there that it just looks stupid. So I reached that point about a week or two ago. And as I thought about getting a hair cut, I started to think how much easier it would be if my hair was short-short. I've always said if I had straight hair that I'd have a cute short cut. But with curly hair, sometimes short spells disaster. No one looks good in the "Orphan Annie" style. If you cut it bluntly it becomes a big bushy triangle. There's just a lot of risk with going short.

But my rationale for trying to go short is that I never wear my hair down anyway. Ok, sometimes I do. If there's an occasion for which I have enough prep time to shower and style my hair, I might wear it down. And even then, when I take the time and product to style it, it doesn't always cooperate. Sometimes it just decides to be big and bushy anyway, and then I'm mad because I've wasted my time and my hair is full of product and it still looks like crap. And it's really hard to go plan-B and pull my hair up once it's been styled. Last time it pulled this little trick on me I ended up looking like I belonged in an 80s hair band. It was just shaggy curls in my face and all over the place. Grrrr.

The bottom line is, the curls that I know everyone will gasp at me chopping off, usually aren't out in all their glory anyway. How can they be so missed? I'm sure I would have days where I'd feel like having them around, or see pictures that make me think - aw, they weren't so bad. But in the grand scheme, they're a lot of work, and clearly by my usual style, more work than I'm willing to put into them for questionable results. I feel like, if I do this right, I'll get just as many (or more) compliments on a cute short cut that people actually get to see.

With that said, I started doing some research on styles that just may work with my curly locks. Believe it or not, my hair doesn't turn into tiny tight spirals when it's short. If you cut it short enough (as I did once when I was a little kid) it actually just becomes waves. Now that I'm 20 years older and have a better grasp on what to do with my hair, I feel like it would be much more managable for me at that length. So I started combing the internet for all the short hairstyles I could find. I've found a few that are somewhat what I had in mind. I haven't made any appointments or anything yet, but I feel like I could just go on a whim one day and do it. I really trust my stylist, so I know she wouldn't let me do anything stupid and I also know she would do a great job.

Alright, well after all that, I know you're ready to see what I'm thinking of. So, here's the closest picture I could find. Keep in mind it will be a little different on me because my hair is curly/wavy and hers is straight. And try to disregard her creepy expression. I won't be making that face ever.

So, what do you think???

PS - I also have some motivation from Jenn, who said I wouldn't ever do this. I've gotten this far, so we'll see... ;)

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  1. I think it would be adorable :) It's hard to imagine, but I understand where you're coming from on chopping it. People with straight hair always want it curly and vice versa - so just do what works for you. Don't feel bad about chopping your curls, because (a) they'll grow back and (b) you obviously don't enjoy them as much as people think :) I'm looking forward to the final outcome of your next haircut!


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