Friday, March 13, 2009

This Weekend is Wild on the Flop

Ever make fun plans only to realize that they really just aren't in the cards?

We had been planning for weeks to take Lacy and Leo this weekend. We LOVE having them at our house for sleepovers and it turned out that my sister was scheduled to work and needed a babysitter tomorrow. So Josh and I volunteered to pick them up tonight and return them tomorrow evening. Well, apparently cosmic forces had a different idea. Here's how it broke down...

Last weekend the weather was so beautiful that all we could talk about while walking around Centennial park was how much we hoped it would be that nice when Lacy and Leo were with us. Last time they came over it was way too cold to play outside, and the time before that it poured rain all weekend. Of course as the weekend approaches the forecast shows temperatures in the 40s and a chance of rain. What a bummer, but we still figured we could have fun inside.

Then in one of my graduate classes an assignment was cancelled. That's fine, but another paper was then pushed back a week to be due on Tuesday the 17th. Because of lesson plan writing and class and taking care of my dad, my schedule is very inflexible. Therefore, this rearrangement really threw me off. I didn't have time during the week to write the paper, and this weekend we were having the kids. Monday I have a different class, and Tuesday the paper is due. Ugh. So I figured I would just get one of those big energy drinks and write the paper tonight after the kids go to bed.

Last but not least, Leo had to get a few shots at the doctor's this week. Sounds routine, nothing big. Unfortunately he had a scary allergic reaction to the shots and his arm swelled up. It has been swollen for days and my sister has been giving him Benadryl. It's supposedly a common reaction, but I don't need anyone going into anaphylaxis while in my care. It's just something I'm too afraid to risk and then you have people going - why didn't we just reschedule???

So we decided to reschedule. All the sudden our fun-filled weekend turned into rain and writing a paper while hoping Leo's reaction calms down. Super, right? All you can say to that is that it clearly wasn't in the cards! We'll have to try again soon. Maybe I'll download tons of pictures of them to make myself feel better this weekend... ooh, and I might paint my toes in hopes of nicer weather :)

Enjoy your weekend!

PS- We did book our cruise last night, and we are soooooooo excited!!!!!


  1. Interesting...all this time I'd been thinking your MOM was wild on the flop. Guess we've been gone too long!

  2. yay for booking the cruise! :)


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