Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adding Injury to Insult

Coach John Harbaugh at the Raven's game against the Stealers, 12/27/09

The insult was of course the Ravens losing to themselves on Sunday's game against the Stealers. Ugh. I mean, I'm even one that will claim that NFL refs have it out for us, and it was clear that many calls were valid during that game, however when the same infractions aren't called against the other team it's hard not to feel that the bias is against you. This is not to say we didn't have some great plays and a really great overall game. It was just that so many penalties kept our great performance from paying off on the scoreboard. But, we've got one win over the Stealers this season so I don't want to complain too much.

However, to add injury to insult my poor husband was kneeling to get something off the floor of our car that evening around 6:00 and when he stood from the kneeling position his knee cap slid out of place. It's not unusual for his joints to slip and slide around, but this time he was unable to put it back in place and was experiencing excruciating pain. His dad and brother were unable to get him up from his parents' driveway without extreme pain, so we ended up calling an ambulance to transport him to the hospital. We saw a guy there who reminded us both of Dr. Leo Spaceman from the show 30 Rock. If you've never seen it, I've included a video below to illustrate. The guy was nice, but very ginger. He seemed unsure and lacked that "authority" you would expect a doctor to have when diagnosing and treating you. Either way we were discharged around 11:30 pm with a heavy dose of narcotic pain medication and Josh's leg straightened in an immobilizer. Regardless of all that he could barely move without being in a lot of serious pain.

Dr. Spaceman

We were able to follow up with a specialist yesterday who very quickly determined that Josh had torn cartilage in his knee when the knee cap shifted. He still ordered an MRI which is scheduled for tomorrow, and then would like to do surgery next week to repair the torn cartilage. So the good news is that the fix should be fairly simple!

In the mean time I am having a good time playing Nurse Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy to my poor gimpy husband :] He says he feels guilty for making me wait on him and take him to doctor appointments on my winter break from school. What he doesn't realize is that I'd much rather do this every single day than my real job! It's much more rewarding to take care of someone you love than a bunch of overly-hormonal teenagers who have to take a county assessment every 9 weeks. We've gotten to spend a lot of time hanging out, talking, playing New Super Mario Bros. on Wii, and watching movies. I love it! Plus it's fun helping him with little things like putting on his socks and getting his cereal for him in the morning. I think I've just enjoyed being part of some of those little things that we ordinarily would do totally independently. I think I might even miss him when he's better and we don't do those things together anymore. But that's a different post.

I have one very fun "positive event" story to share from this morning before I go...
  • We had scheduled our car to go in and have something re-programmed. Subaru sent us a letter and an email to let us know there was a recall on our model because something had been programmed incorrectly that could affect the performance of the car. So, we had our appointment for 11:00 and arrived a little early. About 12:15 they let us know our car was all ready. Seemed like a long time to re-program something, but hey. We went to the desk to pick up our keys and the guy tells us that will be $261.00. We looked at each other and let the guy know we were under the impression that this service would be covered. No, he said there was nothing in the paper work suggesting it would be covered. I happened to look down at said paperwork and notice the huge list of services on the bill: new oil, new oil filter, fluid checks, brake pad inspection, tire rotation, on and on and on. I asked the guy if these were all things done today and he says yes, that was our service. Ha! I tell him this is not what our appointment was for at all! Ohhhhh snap. They performed the 15,000 mile "check up" maintenance service instead of the programming. We waited just 15 more minutes (which is sadly all it would have taken in the first place) while they did the reprogramming and walked out without paying a thing :]

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