Thursday, December 10, 2009


The upside is that my first semester of internship is COMPLETE!
The downside is that I have less than 1/4 of the hours logged that I will need to graduate in May

The upside is that my mentor, upon hearing this dug up a billion things I can work on
The downside is I have to start going into work 30 minutes earlier and staying an hour later to get my hours completed before I go on leave

The upside is that it's actually possible for me to complete my hours with the minor extension of my school day (for a final total of 405 hours, 400 are required)
The downside is that if anything happens, illness, snow days, a baby being born earlier than her due date, I may come up short.

The downside is that I only have 15 work weeks to get 300 hours of internship done
The upside is that I only have 15 work weeks until I go out on leave to have my baby!

The upside is that I will probably graduate barring any major roadblocks
The downside is that I may never use this degree making all of my A$$-busting (excuse the language) in vain

The downside is that I feel totally and completely overwhelmed at the thought of an extended (as if it isn't already) work-day
The upside is that GOD will make it happen and I don't even need to worry

The downside is that I have to survive the next 15 work weeks
The upside is that if all this works (which I have faith it will) I NEVER HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN! I couldn't be more DONE with school. Forget the fork to stick in me, I'm charred. You need a jack-hammer.

The downside is that I didn't make it home until 5:30 today thanks to this wonderful revelation
The upside is that I have an exciting recipe I'm trying tonight -- lemon-butter tilapia!

Here goes nothing.... :]

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  1. With God, all things are possible :) ...apparently even including your husband trying Tilapia! 15 weeks from now you'll look back and go, "that sucked. but it flew by!" even though in the moment it seems to really drag on. Looking forward to meeting my beautiful new niece will surely speed things up for you ;)


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