Sunday, December 13, 2009

Four Years

In four short years, this child will be voting.

The assignment was discussing the Patriot Act today and comparing and contrasting it to the Red Scare in America when Russia was taken by communists after the 1st world war.

  • In extreme circumstances, is our government justified in limiting or violating some Constitutional rights in an effort make the nation safer and more secure?
No they are not. Its the government's fault why 9/11 happened anyway. We wouldn't stop getting oil from their country. No wonder they had a grudge against us. The only people the government should blame is themselves, to punish themselves, not the citizens.

So if you didn't catch the drift, the terrorists are mad that we've been making them filthy rich by powering our country with oil we purchase from their countries for ridiculously high prices. Gosh, what IS our problem?

This is the astonishing "blame America" perspective that kids hear from their parents and the news and think that this convoluted scenario is the truth. I really really like this child. She is quirky and sweet, and way too smart to believe garbage like this. That aside, she will wander into the voting booth, factless, to make decisions affecting America's future in just FOUR YEARS.

This is why America needs God. And as long as there are students like this one, I will be praying in school!!

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