Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sweeeeet Caraline!

Well, you've heard it before and turns out it's true. Babies like to be born in snow storms! At least my new niece, Caraline Faith, wanted to be born in a snow storm.

My sister was scheduled for an induction on Monday morning, but at her appointment this past week her doctor predicted that she may not make it that long. She made it to Saturday morning - when the weather forecast was ballpark 18" of snow - and realized that she was in labor for real. Fortunately after having barely made it to the hospital to deliver Evan, she decided this time she would call the doctor at the earliest signs of pain and find out what he thought. He of course recommended heading right over to the hospital to avoid having the baby on the side of the road.

When she got to the hospital she was 3-4 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced, within two hours the baby was born! She had plenty of time to settle into a good labor pattern, get an epidural and in her words "enjoy" the rest of her labor before (again her words) "one big push" to deliver a perfect little baby girl!

Although everyone wanted to be there for the big event, the truth was that it couldn't have worked out better. Our mom was already at her house with her other children so there was no worry over who would watch them. No one else could get out of their houses or neighborhoods so there was no concern over who would get to be "first" to see the baby -- nothing a new mom should have to worry about, but sadly my sister did. It was just her and her husband to welcome their baby to the world without having to worry about accommodating anyone else's wants or demands. They got to spend the whole day and night getting to know Caraline and getting some much needed rest.

We were lucky enough to be able to get out and about today, so the FIRST place we went was up to meet Caraline! She was absolutely perfect and could not have been cuter. She made all these cute little noises while we were holding her and talking to her, like she was trying to be part of the conversation. She was awake and alert most of the time checking us out and getting to know our faces. She's going to be seeing a lot of us...

I mean, who could stay away from someone this cute???

Hi, my name is Caraline Faith

This is my santa hat... you got a problem with that?

This uncle Josh guy is cuter than I expected...

To say the least, our whole family is thrilled with her and are just so excited to watch her grow and learn. I didn't think I could be more excited to meet our own baby in April, but after seeing Caraline today I really wish April was sooner! I just picture these two girls turning the world upside down together, being attached at the hip, begging to sleep over at each other's houses (or at Nanny's!), and just charming the socks off of the rest of us. Beyond the matching dresses and all around cuteness, I am so excited for them to have each other and form a bond hopefully similar to the bond my sister and I have. And as close as my sister and I are, and have been our whole lives, I think having these two baby girls will only bring us closer. I told her today -- you know, we're both essentially getting a kid and a half out of this, because they're going to be at each other's houses non-stop! I can't wait :]

Before I go, here are some positive events...
  1. I am finished wrapping my Christmas presents and my cards are in the mail!
  2. I had an incredibly productive snow-day with my hubby yesterday
  3. School is closed tomorrow so Josh and I get another wonderful day together :]
Are you ready for Christmas?

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