Monday, November 21, 2011


Since I haven't been posting what I'm thankful for on Facebook each day this month, I thought I should at least write a blog post about it. Honestly I could sum it up by saying I'm thankful for everything I have, because I am. I'm truly thankful for every person and every experience good and bad because it all adds up to who I am and where I am today. But there are still a handful of things I thank God for each and every day...

1. Forgiveness- I thank God every day that He loves us all enough to have sent His only Son so that we could be forgiven.

2. My baby- She is truly the one thing I ever wanted most in life. It's not humanly possible to express how thankful I am for her, that I get to be her mom, and just the absolute blessing it is to love someone like that.

3. My husband- He's my best friend. He gets me like no one else does. He provides for our family and makes our lives what they are. I couldn't have dreamed up a better partner in life.

4. Our families & friends- I always think of them when I consider how blessed we are. I truly believe the people in our lives are God's way of showing us how much he loves us. How do I rate? I've got no idea, but I'm so so thankful that these are the people I get to spend my life surrounded by.

5. Our health- I look around me, on the news, among my friends, and know that it could easily be me. Healthy, young people, healthy babies fall ill every day. There's no reason it's them and not us. I just know I'm thankful every day that we're healthy.

6. Our home- We might not have much but we have a safe, warm home full of the comforts we want. Our refrigerator is full of food. Each room is comfortably furnished. Our closets and dressers are full of clothes. The truth is, our house is full of much more than what we need. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of and pray for those who are without these things.

7. J's Job- I get to spend every day with our baby because his job provides enough income for us to live on. There is no salary or dollar amount that could replace the time I get to spend with her, or the hugs, kisses, giggles, snuggles, learning experiences, tears wiped, books read, etc. My heart breaks at the thought that I might be missing all of these things every single day if I were working. Yes, we're on a tighter budget. Big vacations and home renovations and new cars are years away, but I'd rather have this time with my baby than any of those things.

8. Our country, military, and leaders- Regardless of what anyone says or thinks of our current circumstances and leadership, there are a lot of people and nations around the world that wish they had our problems. America still is and always will be the greatest country on earth and it's all thanks to our incredible men and women who serve in the military keeping us safe and free. I will never stop being thankful to have been born here over anywhere else in the world.

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