Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yea, Holiday Weekend!

I realize that you may be scratching your head with regards to that title. In my former life as a teacher I would have been too. Very few places of work observe Veterans' Day by closing these days. Schools, for example, do not close. My husband's small government contracting company does though! And because the holiday is actually Friday and banks are closed, we're getting paid a day early too! It's good news all around. Thanks (among millions of things) for that, vets!

This short work-week is just flying by. Monday I had to go back to my brother's house to retrieve my phone that I had left there on Sunday night. Eli was having a renal scan on his kidney (more on that) in the morning so I had to wait until after C's nap. Of course, she picks that day to sleep until 4:10 pm! So I had to head out in rush-hour traffic to get to my brother's, pick up my phone, and go back home. It was a long evening, but nothing some take-out couldn't fix :)

Yesterday my mom came over and we went shopping all morning. That was awesome. We were looking for some fabric she wanted to use to make a Christmas gift. We didn't find it, but I did get some fabric to make a Christmas stocking for C! I can't decide how I'm going to embellish it yet, but I'm super excited that her stocking is going to be a handmade treasure from mommy! I'm probably way more excited about that than she'll ever be, but that's ok. I also got extra fabric so that future stockings for future children will match - all about the matching. J's and my stockings match each other, but we couldn't find the same one last year for C. So she went without a stocking last year and this year I was determined to have one for her. Only recently did I come up with the fabulous notion of making it myself. I love me sometimes.

Today has been calm and peaceful. It's a pretty day outside so I toyed with the idea of going to the playground this morning but decided we had been on-the-go enough already this week and we'd just play around the house. This afternoon J is coming home a little early and we're heading up to our parents' neck of the woods. J is scheduled to speak to a Cub Scout pack (yep, that's what I said) about his days in Cub Scouts. He has a young pal whom he knows through a long story that I'm not sharing right this second, but that little guy is in Cub Scouts and wanted Mr. J to come speak to his pack. Pack? Troop? Den? I'm not up on the appropriate designation for a group of Cub Scouts, sorry.

That leaves tomorrow as our Friday. It's going to be rainy so maybe we'll get into some coloring or something crafty. Then "real Friday" J will be home with us all day and that rules. We love it when he's home. Check back to see what kind of fun we get into :)

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  1. Just love your blogs <3 Our kids have Friday off school in observation of Veterans Day! So we'll have the weekend longer too! Hope you enjoy your 3 days together!


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