Monday, December 12, 2011

All Good Things Must Come to an End

After almost 2 and a half years, we officially no longer have a roommate. Aunt Jennie, a.k.a. Nennie has finished graduate school, gotten engaged, and moved back to her parents' house which is closer to her work and fiance. We're sad that she won't be around for all the fun little traditions we've developed over the last 2.5 years, but so happy for her and all of the exciting things she has going on in her life these days. Luckily, as a nurse she'll have a few days off during the week, and we're pretty free during the week ourselves so there will be lots of coffee/lunch/play dates in our future. Since Nennie truly was a third parent to our little C, it's especially important that they get to see lots of each other. Though it was hard enough for us grown ups to part, I am eternally thankful that C is not big enough to have understood Nennie moving out of our house. I'm pretty sure we would have all just died, or Nennie would have had to live here forever if we'd had a scene anything like this one.

If you watched that video and are still able to read through your misty eyes, we have discovered the silver lining to this whole thing. C now has her own bathroom so we're no longer working around baby bath-time paraphernalia in our bathroom which suddenly seems considerably more spacious. Additionally, we now have another decently sized closet in which to store things. We intend to use it for all the baby gear that we no longer use, but need to keep for future babies. Those items are currently cluttering our basement, and let's face it, nothing assists a de-cluttering effort like a whole new closet in the house.

Overall, we feel like there are definitely more positives to this scenario than negatives. We'll miss Nennie living with us, but we'll just be that much more excited when we see her!

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