Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Holly Jolly Christmas!

We actually went to see Santa on the 15th, but I believe I forgot to post that photo. Here it is :)

Christmas Eve!

We only took video of C opening presents at home. But after that we spent the morning with J's family.
C got a leotard/tutu and ballet slippers from Nennie!

We headed to my parents' house around 3 to get dinner ready. Since my mom was at the hospital all day she wasn't home to prep a big traditional dinner. J and I had picked up crab cakes from our favorite place and some filet mignon for the non-seafooders among us so we got the food going while everyone else was on their way. The dinner was pretty spectacular (if I may say that about my own cooking) and I guess I was too busy enjoying it to take any pictures! After dinner we got right down to present-opening. We always have the kids dig right in and then let them play with their new stuff while the big kids adults open their gifts. 

Modeling her cousin's new hat- which just happened to match her outfit perfectly.

She was in heaven surrounded by gift bags. As soon as one was empty she took off with it on her arm.

Nana gave her a play shopping bag complete with toy food inside.

Amid a sea of toys, she's playing drums on a little metal box. Of course.

It wouldn't be Christmas (or any gathering with my family for that matter) without my brother harassing  someone...

We've spent the days since then trying to get everything unpacked, put in a place, laundered if applicable, and of course weeding out some older, less-used items for donation. Honestly, I think I enjoy watching our donation pile grow just as much as I enjoy getting/using new things. I've eliminated the need for an entire shelving unit in the play room, and that's after Christmas gifts. We know we plan to have more children, so not everything less-used gets donated. Some things are also being packed up for babies of the future.

Between the new goodies J and I were gifted and the many things we are constantly clearing out of the house, we're setting up for some fun projects in 2012. The biggest of which will be an almost complete kitchen overhaul! More on that in another post, though :)

Here's hoping your Christmas was as fantastic as ours! Stay tuned for a look back at our 2011 and a look ahead into our plans for 2012.

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