Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Checking In

Just letting you know that I haven't retired from blogging without notice or anything scary like that! It's just that time of year, yknow? Last weekend was nuts. We helped my brother move into his very first home with his lovely wife and 8 week old baby! That's right. It was quite a day. Sunday was my mother-in-law's birthday so we celebrated with J's family for the day. And this week so far... do I even need to say it? I'm working hard on my to-do list. This is it, the home-stretch! As the Christmas countdown dropped into single digits, time spent in the workshop had to kick into high gear. Last night we had our annual "present wrapping party" where J and I pull out all of our gifts and wrap them together while listening to Christmas music. I love it. It makes the task of present-wrapping that much more enjoyable. Anyway, I do actually have some more projects to share- both failed and successful, haha! And of course, I'll share some of the things I hand-made for Christmas gifts this year. So check back to see those things. Meanwhile, I need to get back into the workshop (and you probably do too). The nap time clock is a-ticking!

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