Thursday, April 19, 2012

Due Date

Two years ago today I was on my first day of maternity leave and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my beautiful baby girl! April 19th was the calculated due date, after all. I didn't know at the time I would have to wait 5 more days to meet her. They were five of the longest days of my life. Many phone calls came from family and friends on a daily basis asking how I was feeling in hopes that each day was "the day." We had already had one false alarm on the 17th, so I was not going to put any plans in motion until I was absolutely certain. It was a Monday and I spent the rest of the week sitting on an exercise ball, walking laps around a nearby park, and trying to get the last minute stuff done.

I haven't returned from maternity leave yet, though technically it's now called "child rearing leave," and I have loved every single minute. Today, two years later, I'm watching her long, lean body that doesn't even fit on the monitor screen anymore rest peacefully in the crib in the room that I so painstakingly prepared for her during my long wait, while I put together cute little things to make her birthday party special. And how sweet it is :)

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