Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First Dance Class

Unfortunately this is the one and only picture from her first ever dance class this morning -and it's blurry at that. It was a "dance with me" class since the kids are so young, so I was up and dancing with her as opposed to sitting along the side and watching her dance. She was totally into it though and started by running right up to stand beside the teacher. Everyone was standing in a big circle though, so it's not like she was supposed to be seated. From there she just danced around the room non stop for the rest of the hour. Some kids wanted their moms to hold them. Other kids just stood there. Some kids were also very good about standing right where they were supposed to and following the instructions exactly. C followed instructions about 80%, and 20% danced however she wanted. For example- while everyone was standing in a circle dancing, she danced in the middle of the circle as if they were all there to check out her mad dance skillz, and they are mad skillz if I must say so myself. In her defense the class is for kids 2 and up, and since she doesn't turn 2 until next week (one week from today!) she is probably the youngest in there by a few months. Nonetheless, she easily took home the award for "Most Spirited" know, if there were awards for toddler dance classes ;)

It was a great way to spend our morning though. Nothing beats seeing your baby light up with excitement and become totally engrossed in doing something she adores. This is how kids get spoiled, I know, because nothing compares to the happiness you get out of indulging your child in something you know they love so much. I can't wait to take her again next week! And since next week it will also be her birthday, daddy is taking off work and we will be spending the rest of the day doing some other exciting stuff!

Now... back to my party prep to-do list!  T-minus 4 days!

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