Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

This year we celebrated 236 years of freedom and independence. Two hundred thirty-six years since so many gave their lives in the name of limited government and limited taxation. Two hundred thirty-six years since our Founding Fathers signed the document that officially made the British Colonies into the United States of America. The birth of a nation is a pretty big deal. And even as we celebrate with family, friends, and fellow Americans 236 years after the fact, I can't help but reflect on just how blessed I feel to have been born here. I'm a strong adamant believer that the United States is the greatest nation to ever rise up on the face of this planet. The Founders had it right without a doubt. They were geniuses born of an oppressive, intrusive, over-controlling monarchy. Thank God they had the courage to do what they did. Thank God they put it on paper and made it official. Thank God that 236 years later we are still adhering (for the most part) to their genius ideas. Thank God that countless men and women over the past 236 years have believed those ideas are worth giving their lives to defend. And thank God that the rest of us simply get to enjoy the benefits of it all by living here in the United States.

That's how I feel about the 4th of July anyway. Here's how we celebrated...

Friends of ours got married on Tuesday night, so we kicked off the holiday at their wedding. C might have stolen the show a little by pairing her irresistible cuteness with some hot dance moves. We literally had to drag her off the dance floor at 11pm to go home.

On the 4th we cooked out at my mom's house with my sister and her kids. My brother, SIL, and their little one were away at the beach with friends. Usually we all head up to my sister's area (about 45 minutes north of us and a bit more country) to watch fireworks and let the kids run around and play together. The threat of storms and the long drive convinced us to head back home and try to catch fireworks near our house. Luckily although it was late, we did find a good spot on the roof of a parking garage at the mall. Fireworks were being set off across the street from the mall so we were a little distance away but still had a great view. C was a little tired by 9:30 when the show started, but she enjoyed them still. For me, 4th of July is just not complete without fireworks. It's like a birthday party with no cake or presents or singing.

I hope you also got to spend the 4th doing whatever it is you do to celebrate and reflect on how blessed we are to be here, safe and free, in this amazing country!

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