Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reagan Iris

Well, if you haven't guessed by now, Reagan has arrived! She was born last Saturday morning March 30th at 2:34. Here is a quick recap of her birth story...

I had been having contractions that would come and go for about a week. Finally on Friday the 29th around lunch time it looked like I had a good pattern going and was actually in labor. I timed them for an hour and called the hospital. Lucky me, the one midwife I had chosen to see throughout my pregnancy {who also delivered Carsen} was also the one on duty that night. We got to the hospital around 4 pm and did some walking and dilating. A few hours later I got an epidural and we slept {you know, as much as possible while hooked up to monitors and IVs and waiting to meet your cute baby} for a little while. At about 2:15 a.m. I called my nurse back in because I was feeling lots of pressure. Sure enough, it was baby time... like right then and there. The nurse and midwife quickly got everything ready and in two pushes {roughly 90 seconds... maybe a second longer because they made me wait at one point while the midwife turned around to grab something} I was looking at a baby. We all had a good laugh because it was a ridiculously fast delivery. Reagan was perfectly healthy at 8 lbs., 14 oz, and 20.5" long.

I don't know if it was the fast delivery or the fact that it was my 2nd baby, but my pain and discomfort afterwards was minimal {and I think mostly a result of the horrible hospital beds}. Since I was feeling pretty good and our pediatrician had already given Reagan the all-clear to be discharged the next day, we chose to go home Sunday. Carsen was so excited to have us home and to be able to see Reagan. Unfortunately I had started a head-cold while in the hospital and Carsen quickly came down with it. A few days later Josh was sick too and we've all been sick ever since, which is almost 2 weeks by now. Carsen seems to be improving, Josh just went to the doctor Tuesday and has bronchitis, and I feel like my cold just started over in the past couple days. It has definitely made our transition to life with a newborn a little more of a challenge, but overall I think we're doing well. Reagan is a peach. She's a great eater and so far has been a good sleeper - though I know all of that is subject to change :)  Other than fighting colds and having to remind Carsen not to get too close to her baby sister :-/, it has been a fun two weeks.

Since I live my life on a 2-hour timer these days, I don't have enough time to post a bunch of photos, but here is a preview of Reagan's birth announcement. More photos coming soon :)

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