Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Post With All the Pictures

This whole post is big thanks to Jenn who gave me a little tip about uploading my pictures. So now you get to see all the fun from our roadtrip last weekend, and you'll probably get to see more pictures in the future than you ever cared to! Yay!

Josh and I in the car

The famed Lucy Cooke, enjoying some of Ben's dessert

I think we tired her out...

Upon checking in at the hotel, Ben and Josh helped Lacy and Leo test out the beds... no wonder they're the favorites

The BEST behaved baby, Evan (being precious as usual)

This is the funniest thing.. last year we made the same trip except it was just me, my mom and my sister with the older two kids and Leo did this same exact thing. He just randomly on his own went over and put on my shoes! I think he wants to be like Mimi when he grows up :o)

I don't know if there are legal issues with me showing a picture of someone's license plate, but you have to read the frame around it. On the way to my grandmother's you pass through this one-horse town called Accident and it's just hilarious to put "accident" in front of any business name such as this one that is coincidentally a car repair garage! There was also Accident Flowers & Gifts and Accident Fire Station that we thought were pretty funny. And for good measure, as we were passing the 'Welcome to Accident' sign on the road, there was white billowing smoke coming from a house right behind it. It appeared that the town was on fire.

Uncle Josh and his biggest fans swimming at 8:30 a.m.
This is why we take him places :o)

There was no way we could leave town without a Little Caesar's pizza and Crazy Bread for the road!

Get excited...... there are more pictures to come!

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