Monday, April 14, 2008

The Western MD Road Trip

Our trip out to western Maryland this weekend was such a blast. There were so many hilarious happenings that I don't know if I can even remember them all. I do have pictures that I'm going to attempt to incorporate into this posting though. Josh and I traveled with Ben and Jenna. We left around 10:30-11:00 on Friday morning.

We made our first stop in Frostburg, MD to visit Andy & Laura Cooke and their little girl Lucy. We all went to a local diner / restaurant to have some lunch. It turns out Lucy is a popular girl around town. Lots of people came up to her to say hi and tell her how cute she is. Some of them knew her, others were strangers. Well while we were eating our lunch an older (older) lady walked by and started talking to Lucy who was sitting at the end of our table. She asked who Lucy's mom was, and who her dad was and then she looked up at me and said, "And are you grandma?" Yes, you read that correctly. An 80-year old woman asked if I was a grandmother. After about 45 seconds of deciding what to say I came up with, "No." I mean really?? Has any 25-year old in the history of humanity ever been mistaken for a grandmother by a super elderly person? It was too funny to be true! Better yet, the woman stood there for at least 4 more minutes talking and asking questions while the rest of us snorted and bit our lips trying to hold in our laughter. You can imagine the scene when she walked away. We are now Lucy's grandma and grandpa Beck. After lunch we chilled at the Cooke's house waiting for my mom and sister to get into town. Once they did, we were on our way to the Wisp Ski Resort where we were staying.

I highly recommend staying at a ski lodge in mid-April. It cost each couple $40 for a nice place with a pool & hot tub... which we thoroughly enjoyed. After checking in we went to my grandmother's house and visited from about 6-10:30pm. We had promised Lacy & Leo that we'd go swimming that night but unfortunately the pool was closed when we got back. Everyone was pretty much wiped out from traveling and visiting anyway. So around 8:30 the next morning Ben, Jenna, Josh, and I are all snoozing away when we hear a tiny knock at our door. Who else but Lacy and Leo staring up at Josh (the only one awake so early) asking if he would take them swimming (they so adore their uncle). So Josh got ready and took them downstairs to the pool by himself, and I figured I might as well get in on the fun so I followed about 5 minutes later. We had a great time tossing the kids around for about an hour and a half before the pool started to fill up with other families and we had to get ready for check-out. After checking out we had some brunch and went back to grandmom's for birthday cake and presents. Ben, Jenna, Josh & I had to hit the road around 4 so we could get back at a decent time Saturday evening. After a stop for gas and Little Caesar's Pizza, we made it home around 7. Josh and I had to pick up Sheppie from his parents' house, said 'hey' to Connor and Kelly and then came home to snuggle for a bit.

Sadly, this morning I had to get up and go to class at 9:00. I've expressed my disdain for the class in the past, so I won't go into it again. But it was not the best use of my Sunday- especially after such a busy weekend. Oh well. Now it's back to another busy work week. I have a 15-page paper due on Wednesday so the next two days at least will be spent working on that. Fortunately I'll have a break from classes between May 7 and June 3. I can't wait! Also, the pictures were a bust. It's probably my computer but they took eternity to upload. I'll try to get them onto Picasa in the next few days and then I'll just post a link to them. Sorry! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather... spring is SO here :o]

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