Monday, June 16, 2008

6 Months, 1 Day, and $100 Richer!

Here I am, I survived the last few days of school. The pool party was wonderful. I can't complain about field day since I essentially did nothing. They shut down my post and no children came to the activities at the back of the building where there was shade and a perfect breeze. Darn.

Friday was spent packing up my classroom and frantically running around the building to get this huge checklist signed off. When I arrived at school (9am) my classroom had already been emptied. Desks, shelves, cabinets, gone. Nothing but my desk remained with a heap of crap on top of it. I started cleaning it out and then had to go out into the hallway to dig stuff out of my cabinets and shelves. A lot of stuff was blocked in like my TV cart which I couldn't return because there was no way to get it out of the corner it had been shoved into. Oh well! Friday night I was wiped out and we decided to watch a movie. We watched Children of Men. I don't recommend it. It's another massive death and destruction story. I don't think there was more than a 30 second span of time in that movie when there wasn't machine gun fire. It was one of those long journey/quest stories and everyone dies along the way. Every new character you encounter you immediately know is going to die an awful and untimely death. Even the main character who is on this quest, in the end dies. Lame. Save your time.

Saturday morning we got up to go to our friend Ray's tee-ball game. He's the 5-year old baseball / Orioles expert. What a cutie. It was fun to visit with him for a little bit and see him in action on the field. He plays all positions since other 5-year olds have no where near his understanding of the game. It's really comical. After tee-ball we went to a cookout that our realtors have every year. At this cookout you get a necklace to wear and in order to keep it you can't use the words "house" or "home" just like the games you play at baby showers and wedding showers. The difference here was a prize of $100 to the winner. I'm not really a fan of those games. They just force otherwise nice people to annoy you. So I had my necklace and didn't care less if I kept or lost it. I wasn't going to nag other people to take theirs. Until...... the reigning 2-year champion of this game, a kid about 11 years old came over to our table. While explaining the game to a team of three little girls, he actually used the words 'house' and 'home.' He was standing right next to me, what was I going to do? I took his necklaces. He had about 6, giving me 7 total. At some point I said "townhouse" and Josh took them away, but his money is my money so I didn't care. We ended up making a deal with the kid that in the end, we'd give him his necklaces back if he split the money with us, and he agreed. As the day wore on, and the end of the competition got close, the kid had made a major comeback and had easily more than anyone else. But to our disappointment, he reported that "combining" necklaces was against the rules and he would not be able to split the money with us. Unfortunately for him, when Josh walked away to move the car, the kid came up and asked me where my "homedog" went. I actually felt bad, but took all 15 of his necklaces giving us 23. Josh caught one more person who had another 15 for a grand total of 38. We decided to give the kid $50 since he had worked really hard to comeback and win all those necklaces, but he had a real tantrum when I took them and stormed off to pout. The realtors tried to take his picture with Josh when the game was over and he pouted. It was really bad. So we said, he's won 2 years in a row, and he's having a tantrum. He'll survive. We went home and bought pizza and hung out with our friends!

We spent yesterday with Josh's family since it was father's day. It was also our 6 month anniversary of being married. We went to the Oriole's game with all the Becks plus uncle Frank and some of Nathan's in-laws. It was a good game even though the O's lost in the 10th inning, 5-4. After the game we came home and had some food with Josh's parents and Connor. Then we celebrated being married for 6 months by playing original Mario Bros. on an original Nintendo. It was great fun. Tonight we're picking up my family's old Super Nintendo at my mom's. Oh the memories, I can't wait!

So, I do apologize for this post being extraordinarily long (or maybe it just took me that long to type it). But I'm hoping the posts will be shorter and more frequent now that I'm home during the days!

TTFN :o)

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