Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Love Being Powerless ;o)

Hooray! Today I'm randomly off work -- FINALLY! You may not understand, but I wake up in the morning praying that something has gone wrong at my school- floods, fire, nuclear explosion... anything. But nothing is ever wrong. The day after some major weather event there are always a bunch of schools in our county that close because of flooding or roof damage or a leaky faucet. My school, old as dirt, open every day. We actually once had an honest to goodness flood during the school day. The ceiling fell through and a waterfall was pouring down into the second floor from the first - I witnessed this with my own eyes. Did we close? OH NO.... we just kept all of our students out of classes mind you, but corralled in random corners of the building for 4 hours! Doing NOTHING! You can imagine the chaos and mischeif (to use an understatement). Several days later I pulled up in the parking lot and saw the MCPS building workers outside wearing waders (huge rubber boots). Yes, we had a flood, but school was open as usual. And beyond all of this, we've had TWO special elections this spring at OUR school where every random stranger in the community trapses in and out of our building at their leisure -- did we close? NO, why would we? They're just un-identified strangers, these are only children (some of whom with protective orders against parents and other family members). So anyway this is all to show you that my school NEVER closes. Therefore you can imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to find that MCPS schools were closed due to widespread power outages in the county. Granted, this is not a closure due to an issue at my school, but if I don't have to go to work I don't complain. I'm sure if OUR power was out, they would bus all the kids in anyway and tell the teachers to open their blinds to teach by natural light. We'd figure out how to proceed from there. The most important thing is to make sure we're trapped in that building regardless of whether there is learning going on or not.

Before you get too jealous though, I do have to go to my own class tonight (unless their power is out.....). And although I know you've thoroughly enjoyed my rant, I'm heading outside to work on my tan! :o) Enjoy your Thursday!

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