Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Up in the Night

I'm sad and sorry that my blog posts have become few and far between. Tonight (last night?) I never fell asleep, so around 3:30am I came downstairs so my tossing and turning wouldn't disturb Josh. Now it's about 4:45am and I figure.... why not write a blog post? I've already tooled around on Facebook and read the weather and news.

So, my last post was on the first day of my second summer class and I feel like I've been non-stop ever since. That was Thursday, then Friday and Saturday I also had that class from 9am - 4pm but in addition we had company until midnight both nights! Friday night Josh's college friend Jimi brought over his puppy who we volunteered to dog-sit over the weekend. Her name is Bella and she is some type of Rottweiler mix. She looked a lot like Josh's parents dog that is lab + shiba inu. Anyway, she was very fun to have around and I got kind of attached. We had her until Sunday evening. Saturday night Connor and Kelly came over -- well because that's what we like to do on Saturday nights. They're great kids to hang out with. We always have a good time with them. I think we just had dinner and watched Arrested Development. Sunday we didn't do much at all - thankfully. I was pretty well wiped out.

Yesterday was exciting. I had my new employee orientation for Howard County. I got to sit in 2 giant meetings and stand in one giant line to learn all about the benefits and fill out endless paperwork. Seriously, it was more than when we settled on our house. My finger hurt from pressing the pen against it. I also got fingerprinted, always a joy. And to end the day I stood in line for an hour (no joke) to have my ID badge made. I still don't know what school I'll be in, but most of the people I met yesterday were in the same position so that made me feel better. The cut-off date for resignations is July 15th, so just over 2 weeks away. That means if any other positions are going to open up, it should be by then.

Also last night, Ben and Jenna came over for dinner. Jenna (alias: Regina Phalange, for confidentiality purposes) volunteered to be my "subject" for a battery of psychological tests I have to give for one of my classes. Yesterday we did an interview and three tests (depression inventory, anxiety inventory, and IQ estimator) and tonight in that class I got two more huge ones to give (an achievement test and a personality test). Wohoo! At least it's intersting in addition to being time-consuming.

And finally, the remainder of this week (really, today and tomorrow) will be spent getting ready for our trip to Florida. Josh's cousin just returned from a 2-year mission trip to Taiwan so we're going down for his homecoming celebration and to just spend a few days with the family. I have my 9am - 4pm class on Friday and Saturday, then we leave Saturday evening. We'll be back on Thursday the 3rd, just in time for 4th of July celebrations! YAY!

So this could be my last post for about a week or so, hard to say. I'll do my best to pick up the pace when I get back! :o)

And here's Bella.....

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