Monday, July 14, 2008

No News is Good News

Well, this is boring, but I never heard back last week about that job. I tried calling Friday afternoon and didn't get an answer. I also tried calling this morning and didn't get an answer. I'll keep calling today and update as soon as I know something. I do kind of feel like the fact that I didn't hear anything might mean it didn't come through, but I'm not going to stress about anything just yet.

In other news, this week is my first week of summer with no work and no class! I finished my second summer class on Thursday after an afternoon of studying in the park. It actually worked out really well for me. I had tried to study at home but got to distracted by the computer and the tv. So I decided to take Sheppie and go to the park. I sat there for hours occasionally watching people that passed by, but for the most part was just quietly by myself under a large shade tree. It was great. I got my studying done and actually remembered a lot of it when I was taking my test that night. I still have one more class this summer, Monday-Friday of next week and then I'm home free until work starts again August 18th.

On Friday I had a lovely lunch with one of my best friends, Mary Beth. Saturday we spent having lunch with Josh's parents at the airport (they were heading out of town for the weekend)and then swimming in their pool the rest of the day. And Sunday we visited my dad and then spent some time together at home.

Today I have several things on my to-do list so I'd better get started. Hopefully I'll have some good job news for you in the next post or so. Below are just some random fun photos. Enjoy :o)

Heavy Evie is getting ready to crawl!!

Josh & Leo = best buddies

Having fun being silly together

Sheppie helping me study in the park

Sheppie burried in our blankets the other morning. He's usually not allowed on our bed, so he wasn't moving until someone made him!

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