Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The BIG Interview

Ok, you read the story about the lame interview. Well yesterday was my interview at a high school where I'd just love to work. Many things about it make it a very good position for me. So there was a little more at stake with this interview. The whole interview discussion I felt went very well. It was longer than my other interviews (twice as long) which I always take as a good sign. They offered me a tour of the school which the social studies department leader gave me (he and the principal were my interviewers). Along the tour we stopped at a classroom that he pointed out would be for the new teacher. And at the end the principal had asked that I stop back by her office. When we went back she said she had one more interview and then she would be letting Human Resources know which candidate she was most interested in. She also said she thought that I would fit in very well at that school. So I left feeling good about the whole thing.

Just so you know, this position is for 10th grade government. Many of you know I'm very interested in government and politics and feel emphatic about being a good and informed citizen. So government is a very exciting topic for me to teach. The only catch to this position is that government is now a subject that is tested by the No Child Left Behind law. This means the students have to pass the test to graduate, as well as for the school to make AYP (adequate yearly progress, which is basically the benchmark to say your school is functioning well or it isn't). While I'm sure I can do this, there is added pressure. Fortunately I won't be the only person teaching this subject so I'll be able to plan carefully with the other government teacher(s) so we can together make sure the students are succeeding. Of course this is only an issue if I get this job...

When I got home, I needed to call the human resources guy to let him know how my interviews went, and then he'd give me more schools to schedule interviews with or whatever. I told him about the previous day's interview and he explained that there had been some confusion there. That prinicpal had apparently chosen a candidate before completing all of his scheduled interviews and then failed to cancel my appointment. Although, to my understanding they're not supposed to choose until they've interviewed everyone. Either way, I then told him about the high school interview that went really well. He asked if I'd be interested in working there and I said I'd be very interested in that school. So then he tells me they had been holding everything up to meet ME because they were very interested in me. And he suspected he would be getting a call or email from them that afternoon and that the whole thing could be finalized by the end of the week. I found this to be very exciting information -- although trying not to get ahead of myself and thus be devastated if it didn't work out.

I didn't hear back from him yesterday afternoon and he advised me that he'd be recruiting all day today. He did tell me that we would talk on Thursday though. So today is a waiting game and tomorrow an absolute nail-biter. I'm still of the belief that I'll end up where I'm meant to end up so I'm not going to stress even if this one doesn't come through. But I can still hope! :o)


  1. !!!!!! Andrew and I talked about this last night on the drive to the grocery store!! We're praying for you!! I have a good feeling!

  2. Did you hear back yet? I hope you got it! If they don't hire you then they're dumb. :)


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