Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Busy Beeeee

How is this my third day of summer break and I have yet to crack open either my new book OR my new computer (which arrived yesterday!)???

I've been busy. And not just make things up to do, busy. Because if I wanted to do that I've got a computer and new book sitting here calling my name. The computer and ipod are literally in their boxes sitting on my kitchen table. Is that sad, or what?

Monday I was busy cleaning because I wasn't sure if our meeting with the realtors was taking place at OUR house or their office, and there was lots of straightening and tidying to be done. So we did tons of that and the meeting turned out to take place at their office. Isn't that always the way? S'ok though, we got a clean house out of it :] And I'll NEVER complain about that!

Yesterday I had my shoulder re-excision in the morning and then came home to some more chores and errands: run, lunch, Target, Giant, bank, wash the car, get clean, meeting with realtors, make dinner/watch Transformers 1 with Josh, make him dessert (homemade strawberry shortcake) for being an amazing husband, off to the midnight show of Transformers 2. It doesn't sound like much, but there was no downtime in there.

So, if you recall, this leaves me with writing my paper today because it's due tonight. Ew. I'm so done with this class. It's research and evaluation for counselors. Basically a class teaching you how to conduct a research study. You have to prepare a research proposal as if you were going to carry out a study. It's kind of dumb because school counselors don't do this kind of thing. So it's tough to sit through and care about a class that you'll never need. I will never put together and conduct a research study. I promise. But tonight's paper isn't long - a page or two I think - that is describing something about the study I'm "conducting." Then I have a week and a half to get my proposal written which is something like 10 pages. It's going to require a bunch of research I don't want to do. But then the class is over. Yay.

So unfortunately, you're still going to have to wait for pictures. But I'll keep promising them to keep you coming back! :] Haha, and eventually I will make good on the promise. I promise.

For now I have to take something over to my Joshua at work. I love it when I get an unexpected visit with him :]

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  1. Ooooooo, how did you make your little honeymoon slideshow in the sidebar?!?!


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