Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't Stop Believin!

I promise I will deliver on my promise of pictures!

It was an incredibly busy weekend. Josh's aunt and uncle were in town with their three boys from North Carolina. So while they were here we had a family event planned for each day/night. Of course, I have pictures :] A quick rundown of the weekend (if you care, which I know you do or you wouldn't be here).....

  • Thursday night was girls night. Sharon, Tara (aunt), Jennie, Kelly and myself went out for dinner, a movie and drinks. We did local pizza/subs for dinner, saw The Proposal which was an excellent little romantic comedy, and then went up to the Green Turtle in Westminster for drinks and listened to a live band whom I hoped I hadn't gone to high school with.
  • Friday was adults only night. We had dinner in Columbia at Famous Dave's, and then went into town for drinks at DuClaw in Fells Point. It was a lot of fun.
  • Saturday was Connor's graduation party so the Beck house was full of lots of people - family and friends. Some people we knew, some we didn't. It ended up being an all day event, but it was fun nonetheless. We mostly kept to the 4 Beck siblings and their significants, but allowed a few others to socialize with us from time to time.
  • Sunday was the day Josh's aunt and uncle were leaving to go home so no big event was planned. But I did have to go see my dad in the morning and then Josh and I made plans to go see Transformers 2 again with Ben and Jenna. Not that it wasn't good the first time, but we apparently had arrived too late (an hour before show time) and the entire theater was full except for the very front row. I don't do well in any front row, much less IMAX at a movie like Transformers 2. So needless to say, I missed a lot the first time around.
That was our weekend. Yesterday I had to study for my final exam in class last night. I do still have a week left of class, but next week class time is reserved for presenting our research proposals. It's a big class, so it's going to take some time. Unfortunately, I'm kind of afraid that this will mean us staying until 9:20 for the first time during this session! The teacher is kind of strange (but nice, so I won't complain). So I spent a large part of yesterday laying out in the sun on the deck with my class notes and study guide going over what I needed to know for the final (I think they call this cramming). Then I let myself pick up the book... yes, Twilight, I'm hooked. And I can't really decide if the story is all that fabulous or if I just enjoy reading something mindless for fun. I haven't done that in a very long time. So I got started reading that and at the point when I thought I was totally roasted, dripping and ready to go inside, I would convince myself that I'd lay there for just one more chapter. So when I finally got inside and hadn't yet been to the grocery store like I promised my husband, I had to take a fast shower, pluck the splinter out of the bottom of my foot from going out on the deck barefooted, and then run to the store. When I got home I barely had time to throw a frozen pizza in the oven and eat before I had to leave for class. It's really amazing how fast time flies when you're not at work. And yet the work days can seem easily twice as long. Every time I look at the clock another hour or more has passed and I begin to think all those things I wanted to get done today just aren't going to happen. This is precisely how I haven't posted all those pictures I've been promising. So SO sorry about that. But I just watched a couple of tutorials on switching from PC to Mac, so hopefully I'll be all fluent and ready to rock with my bad self here soon. I do have lots of pictures loaded onto the computer, I just have to decide what I want to load where.

Anyway, if I continue to describe my to-do list I'll be here until kingdom come and none of the things on the list will be completed. For anyone who doesn't know a teacher (besides me), summers off do not consist of sitting around doing nothing. I'm writing papers, doing research, appealing to the university for my internship requirements, doctor appointments, and trying to squeeze in a little bit of time to actually relax.

Eight weeks never seemed so short.... and I'm only on day 2 of week 2. More to come soon, maybe this afternoon/evening. I promise! ;]

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  1. liar! liar! pants on fire! you will never post those pictures!!! :) (here's hoping my taunting and teasing will make you actually do it...) ha ha ha. love ya EM! :) - Lisa


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