Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Update

This photo sums up our weekend nicely. We had a lot of company and drank a lot of mojitos and polished off that bottle of coconut rum :]

  • Thursday night Jennie and Michael came over. They had some birthday goodies for me (yay!). So we had dinner together and drank mojitos. We also told a lot of funny stories. We don't get to see those kids often enough.
  • Friday night we hosted "Wye Life: Revisited" which is a gathering of Josh's college roommates. They started a tradition back in the college days of having a Thanksgiving dinner together which has continued beyond college. This past year we hosted the Thanksgiving dinner and it turned out to just be the roommates and their significant others. We had so much fun that we decided it would be nice to get that group together again before Thanksgiving. So we hosted a cookout on Friday night with them. It was also a lot of fun. We had so much food, sat out on the deck all night and just chatted and laughed and told stories. Again, we drank a lot of mojitos :]
  • Saturday I attended Samantha Knapstein's wedding shower. That was a blast. I meant to bring some leftover mojito makings to that party but forgot. It wasn't a problem, however. Between margaritas, sangria, and their mojitos, no one went thirsty :] That's just how the Knapsteins roll! During the shower, Ben and Connor went to my house to hang out with Josh (Kelly was seeing a play with Sharon). So after the shower, I brought Jenna and Kelly back to my house and the six of us all hung out for the rest of the night. We had some of the leftover cookout and wedding shower food aaaannnnddd.... drank a lot of mojitos ;]
Today, although I love them, I think I will break from mojitos. I need to go visit my dad and help him out this morning. And then we'll probably be hanging out at my mom's for dinner. Tomorrow begins my last work week before summer! I'm doing review activities on Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday-Friday are half days where the kids just come in, take 2 exams and then go home. Those days are the easiest particularly because there is no instruction involved. Both of my exams are 50 questions, multiple choice. The U.S. history one is made by the county so I had no say in that one, but you can bet when I wrote the world history one that I just patterned it the same way. Anything other than multiple choice takes eons to grade and I don't have extra time to grade these badboys.

I also have another paper due for my grad class this week (yes, I'm back at it twice a week for 6 weeks... though this will be week 3 already) so I can't promise you'll see a post from me before saaaayyy Thursday but I'm trying to climb back up on the wagon! Next Saturday we're babysitting Josh's cousin Taryn (if you haven't seen her video on facebook yet, "What does Sheppie say?" you should go watch it now. It's on my page). So I will definitely have some fun pictures and stories to post from that.

Time to go get myself ready for the day!

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