Friday, June 19, 2009

Done and DONE!

That's it! I'm done! Hooraaaaaaay!

I know you're so happy for me because you no longer have to read long complaining blog posts about my job! So I am happy for you as well.

Today wasn't bad as work days go -- how could it be, right? The real work was to be done after the kids left anyway. For anyone who doesn't know a teacher (besides me), at the end of the year the administration gives you this list of things you need to do and/or hand in. It identifies who you need to see about it and then has a place for them to sign off that you did it. So everyone rushes around like crazy lining up outside offices trying to get these papers signed off during the last few days of school, but mostly on THE last day because some things you just can't do until then. My idea was to get all of my stuff done and together, then take it all out with me to get my signatures at once. THEN I'd come back and pack up my classroom. So that's what I did, and it seemed to work out just fine. However, I didn't leave the building until 4:00 despite the children leaving at 11:10! It was a lot of work and I felt very tired and grubby afterwards, but I don't have to work any more until August so I can't rightfully complain.

The FUN began as soon as I got home. First of all, my Joshua was already home :] I smile so big when I pull into our street and his car is there. He right away suggested going out to dinner and going to pick up my new computer. We had a gift card for Cheesecake Factory - YUM, and I've been waiting around for my student loan to go through (which it still hasn't) so I could purchase my own computer instead of relying on the one that Howard County gave me. If anything goes wrong with that baby, I'm pretty well up the creek. So I don't load a lot of my pictures or music on it for fear that they will somehow get lost. Anyway, these two things sounded just SPLENDID to me so I threw myself together real quick and we headed over to Columbia Mall.

We did dinner first and ate outside. It was such nice summer evening weather! I love summer evenings - my fav. So after dinner we went into the mall to go to the Apple store. Being the geniuses we are, we had forgotten that the new iphone was released today, so the store was under major security. You had to stand in line just to go in! Fortunately since we were shopping for a computer and not an iphone, we got in the short line. It didn't take long to get into the store, but once in there and talking to a sales guy, we realized that the specifications I'm looking for had to be ordered online. Bummer. The good news is... since I'm an educator, when I purchase my computer we get a FREE ipod touch! (This also applies if you are a student) I am SO stoked! Those things are fantastic. I think I'm mostly excited for the fact that they have mobile internet access so I don't have to pay for something like that on my phone service.

Despite that minor setback, I was having such a wonderful time just being out and carefree with my adorable husband that my mood was not hindered in the slightest. I decided I'd stop and get a coffee at Starbucks on the way out of the mall. I've discovered the flavored iced coffees -- so much less calories than latte, and SO cheap! They're $1.95 for either tall or grande, AND it costs nothing to add a shot of flavor!!! I'll be perfectly honest - they are delicious and refreshing. It's my new favorite Starbucks drink. On our way to Starbucks, I of course had to encounter two former students who shouted, "Miss Beck-a-roni!!!!!" from about 20-feet away and came at me with arms outstretched. *SIGH* A quick hug, hello, nice seein ya, and we were on our way. I didn't even bother introducing them to Josh. I'm sure they figured, and I didn't really want to engage in much conversation anyway. Joy. This is precisely why I avoid the dang mall on Friday nights!

We got through Starbucks and stopped back over to the Cheesecake Factory to pick up -- you guessed it -- cheesecake :] to have for dessert at home. Josh actually got some kind of brownie sundae thing and I got kahlua coco coffee cheesecake... delish. And now here we are back at home. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening to kick off my summer break.

As previously mentioned - tomorrow we're babysitting then hitting the town with our friends the Herdmans, and Sunday we're hanging out with our dads (in some t.b.d. capacity). I may not do my super photo upload on Monday since I'll have a new computer on its way (it only ships from PA, so it should be here in a few days). So that will free up my Monday just a little more. One of the other things on my to-do list for that day is to hit up the library so I can finally figure out what all this Twilight hysteria is about (and also so I can feel accepted in female social circles).

Have a great weekend! And happy summer! :]


  1. That was certainly an entertaining blog post :) HOORAY for summer break! I'm so happy for you! I wish I had a summer break, dangit!

  2. Wow that is the happiest upbeat great day blog I've read of yours in a long while :0) You worked your patootie off this year girl and you deserve a nice night, a nice SUMMER to relax! I'm so glad y'all had such a wonderful night and KUDOS to you for purchasing an Apple! ;0) WOOT WOOT! We are a big Apple loving family over here :0) So I hope you absolutely love and enjoy your new computer when it comes and hope you have a fantastic day with the kid ;0) ;0) haha!


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