Sunday, July 12, 2009

<-- Do You See That?!

Yes, that counter over there! Do you see how much time is left before we depart on our cruise to paradise!?!? I am SOOO excited! Today we shopped for all of our travel-sized things we need and a few other things like new swim trunks for Josh. Tomorrow I plan to physically start to pack clothes and things that I won't be needing before departure. I'm almost finished loading all of our cds onto my computer (the ones I want anyway), so I'll be able to put that music onto the new ipod for the trip! This is going to be a busy week anyway, aside from preparing for 9 days away. You may not see back here before we leave, so here's a quick rundown of what I'll be doing:

  • Monday- Errands, nail appointment, load the ipod, charge camera batteries, clear memory cards, pack what can be packed
  • Tuesday- Lunch with Mary Beth, more packing/errands if needed, happy hour with Amy & Leighanne
  • Wednesday- Visit my dad, drop Sheppie off at my sister's house, last minute packing
  • Thursday- get up and get ready, be at the port by 12-1:00pm, depart at 4pm! Hooray!

Hopefully I'll be back on, but if not you are officially informed :] Also, I've decided that I will make a good attempt to finish New Moon before we leave (I'm just past 1/2-way through) and then wait on Eclipse until we get back. I really prefer to own it in paperback and that doesn't come out until August. Plus I have a ton of magazines that I need to catch up on literally from the entire spring and summer so far. Ones that are still in their plastic wrap! It's sad, I just didn't have time to read magazines during the school year. So that's my plan.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of July. We'll be home on the 25th! :]


  1. Have fun Em-EE! And lets get together when you get back!

  2. I can't WAIT to hear what you think of it! You're gonna LOVE IT! And one day, probably in the very distant future, we'll all go on a cruise together :)


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