Thursday, July 2, 2009


Just thought I'd go ahead and make your day by letting you know that ALL of my pictures are now loaded onto the Macbook!! Aren't you proud? I know, I know, they're still not on Blogger, you say. Be patient -- I'm getting there.

Tomorrow we're going to the sweetest place on earth.... Hershey Park!! I'm pumped, I just love that place. The chocolate factory never gets old. And I always get a chocolate milkshake right before leaving to enjoy and savor on the ride home :] Definitely one of my most favorite traditions ever. So you won't be getting pictures from me tomorrow. Sorry.

We still haven't nailed down our plans for the 4th, so I'm not sure about Saturday, but I can tell you for SURE that on Sunday and Monday (but hopefully just Sunday) I have a big fat research proposal to write which is due on Monday night in class. Boooooooooo. The good news is, that will be the end of my work for this miserable research class. I am presenting my proposal on Monday and then doing a lot of daydreaming and doodling while everyone else presents theirs. Wednesday will be the official end of the class, so I won't be bogged down with homework anymore.

Also, I can't believe that our cruise is 2 weeks from TODAY! I'm getting so excited (even though I'm no where NEAR bathing suit shape as I wanted to be by this point). Oh well. I'm sure there are plenty of people who take cruises that are in worse shape than I am... I hope. I have been doing a run on the elliptical machine almost every single day since school let out (i.e. last week and this week). So I was hoping to de-jiggle just a little bit (ok, or a lot). Sadly, this one pair of shorts I used to be able to take on and off without unfastening I wore today and was unable to fasten the top button!!! Proof that I need to get in gear. Anyway - not that you care to hear those kinds of details, haha.

For now I'm calling it a night. We have to be up bright and early tomorrow to meet our friends Phil & Daniella and their too cute baby Anelise for our trip to Hershey! I'll come home with pictures -- don't worry! And you'll hopefully get to see them on Tuesday :]

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  1. Em! Don't you know I could get you the hook-up? You need to tell me before hand that you are going and I get a hold of the 'herhsey girls' :)


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