Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Drumroll Please.....

You asked for it (maybe you didn't), and here it is. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present to you the gigantic blog post of pictures that I have promised over and over and over and over and over and over and over... you get it. So maybe it's because today is 7-8-9, or maybe I just got tired of things hanging over my head, or I just really wanted to spend some quality time with my new Macbook (or just prove that I'm not a Mactard!). I can't say for sure why today, but here it is. This is the last eh, two months or so of my life in pictures. I hope you're comfortable ;]

~Ben & Jenna's Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Day~

Josh and I at rehearsal dinner

Lacy - probably laughing about something Josh said, it's how they roll

Bride, Groom, Mom :]

Our sister Annie, haha

Amberly gave a cute toast

Leo asking for change to put in a train 'piggy bank' that Ben and Jenna gave him

Jenna and bridesmaid/childhood friend, Alecia

Ben and groomsman/work buddy, Joe

Annie... are you seeing why we LOVE her??

Delicious banana-something dessert!

My beautiful champagne glass... it just looked pretty sitting there

Thanking everyone for being part of their BIG day

Typical sillyness with these two... ;]

Jenna's perfect dress!!

Simply stunning - that baby was made for Jenna, and I picked it out ;]

Awww, little Jenna all ready to get married!

Seeing each other for the first time before pictures

Beautiful ballroom! (half of it anyway)

Our flowers

Leo the Ringbearer, reporting for duty


Second cutest couple of the evening... we were actually told several times that night how "in love" we looked! Hooray for perfect matches :]
For the first time.... Mr. & Mrs. Ben Bonner

First dance to "Dig" by Incubus

The cake that would be both my midnight snack AND breakfast in the morning!

Josh performed "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds for them

Dancing the night away!

Josh & Connor... wait- what?!

Connor & Kelly (that's more like it)

I love me some Kelly Schraf :]

- Babysitting Josh's Cousin, Taryn -

My favorite Taryn face ever - huge eyes!

Taryn LOVES Sheppie and wanted me to take so many pictures of her hugging him :] who could resist these two cuties?

Chillin out on the deck in our shades

...or MY shades

Wearing my flip-flops and carrying my camera case as her purse. Basically how she spent most of the day.

- A Night Out With the Becks! -

Josh's Aunt & Uncle, Tara & Darren, trying DuClaw beers for the first time... a Beck family milestone :]

Four handsome Beck boys sitting at a bar

me and MY Beck boy

Michael & Jennie!

Erin & Nathan

Jennie & Me

Connor & Kel

Tara & Darren, apparently this is what Beck boys like to do when they see a camera, my husband does it aaalllllll the time

-Babysitting Ben & Jenna's New Kittens! -

Hi, my name is Lewis (as in Ray Lewis #52)

Two kitties sleeping in the sunlight

Lewis sleeping in a cardboard box -- and he's not even homeless

Hi, I'm Eddie (as in Ed Reed, #20) and I'm the cutest little kitten in the world!

-Fourth of July in Fells Point -

Being cute in Fells Point after dinner at Brick Oven Pizza and a quick walk up and down Broadway

Michael & Jennie making Fells look a little cuter

Kelly & Connor, just being naturally cute

It WAS a girls picture, but Michael jumped in at the last minute - now it's just funny :]

"Hello Domino Sugar plant, where's the best place to sit for fireworks?"

Being cute while we waited for fireworks to start

Awwwww, who needs fireworks with all these sparks flying??

Kelly & Connor


Absolutely atrocious traffic (this is in the MIDDLE of an intersection where we waited for 30 minutes to get through the light) on the way home.

Wow, so are you happy now? Satisfied? Seen enough of me and my pictures to last you a lifetime? Probably not, I understand. There will be more. But I'll be sure to never make the mistake of waiting so long to upload again. It was mostly because I was waiting for a new computer, so hopefully I won't find myself in that predicament again any time soon. But now that I've taken the better part of my day resizing and uploading and blogging all these pictures, I expect comments GALORE! Hahaha :]

In some brief other news... I finished Twilight and have moved on to New Moon. I felt committed enough to buy this one, so it must be serious. Haha, I did really like Twilight though I don't quite get the obsession thing still. The end of the first book was good, though a little predictable, I felt. There seemed to be an obvious solution to the whole crisis with that other guy (I'm trying not to give anything away since my sister is reading it now). And although it didn't happen in that book, I saw something somewhere that leads me to believe it happens at some point. So I'm kind of interested in that. I'm feeling like it might be in this book I'm reading now. I guess I'll have to see! This one will likely be going on vacation with me when we leave next week.

Can you believe our cruise leaves next week?!? I am beyond excited (except the billions of pictures I'll then have to upload, resize and blog about all over again! Haha. I'm gonna wrap this up and go run some errands before settling down with my book for the rest of the afternoon until I leave for class (last night! yay!). Actually, my presentation is done, I might just bring the book with me for something to do! I am brilliant.



  1. Let me be the first to comment - I loved your pics! I was particularly partial to the wedding and kitten photos, but also enjoyed the Fells Fireworks photos - Jennie and Michael are SO cute :) We should all get together again... party at your place???

  2. That was so many pictures the first time I loaded your page it crashed my computer! But, BEAUTIFUL pictures and props to picking out Jenna's dress- it was so stunning! Jenna you looked amazing!!!


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