Monday, July 27, 2009

We're Baaaaaaack :]

We're finally back home from our beautiful cruise! It was a wonderful time! We got back into port around 7am on Saturday and were back in our cozy home somewhere around 10. We spent the day unpacking and trying to relax a little bit. We had to make a trip to Eldersburg to pick up Shep and his sister Zoe (since Amberly left for vacation that morning). Once we got them settled back at our house we decided a nap was in order since we had gotten up so early in the morning. We accidentally slept an extra hour longer than we'd planned, but who cares. We decided on Chipotle for dinner and then drove out to White Marsh to warm Ben and Jenna's new home for them. We didn't get back home until about 1 am making Saturday a rather long and busy day.

Sunday Josh stayed home and caught up on some laundry and another nap. I left right after breakfast to go see my dad and take him to the store. That was around 11:30, I finally got back home at 4:15. Another long day for me. At that point Josh and I basically parked on the couch for the rest of the night and snuggled and cuddled and watched some old episodes of Chuck.

Today it's back to work for Josh and a decent sized to-do list for myself. As you can see I'm dutifully completing my to-do list by writing a blog post.... not. I'll get on it, don't worry. It's just that I knew you were all sitting here waiting for the blog post to come up so you could hear about our vacation. Sorry this post doesn't tell you a whole lot about it, I figured I'd save the details for when my pictures are uploaded so you could get the visual to go along with the story. There are of course tons and tons of pictures. I got all the ones from one camera loaded onto the computer last night, and hopefully will get the other camera loaded today. That doesn't include the time it takes to downsize the pictures so that they don't take eternity to upload into Blogger. For all the technology in the world today, I can't believe that process isn't any simpler. I seriously avoid it because it's such a chore. I'll do my best though. Our once wide-open week is starting to fill up. I have a meeting at noon today with the counseling department chair at JHU to discuss the catastrophe that is my internship. Then I am also attempting to schedule a get-together with two other friends. So again, I'll do what I can with the pictures, unfortunately there seems to be much else that is more pressing waiting around for me to do.

Hopefully you had a lovely week while I was away and you didn't miss me too much! I had a lot of fun reading up on everyone else's blogs, so I'm all caught up on what I missed in your lives :] Before I go... it just occurred to me that you may be able to help me out with one of my to-do list items. I am in charge of researching GOOD baby shower games for a very close friend's baby shower that is coming up in September. I'm not talking about collecting safety pins for saying the word "baby." I mean not cheesy, not boring, cute stuff to do at a baby shower. It doesn't even necessarily have to be a competition, but just a fun activity. So if you've been to any good baby showers or had fun activities at yours, please feel free to share. I'd love to hear some ideas!!! Thanks, friends :]

Pictures to come soon.....


  1. Sounds like you need another vacation with all of that post-vacation business! Can't wait to see pics. As for cute baby shower games, well I'm not much help there. The only one that I can think of is that the hostess handed out blank bingo cards and pencils and each person fillrd in the blank squares with things they thought the mommy to be would get as a present (like onesies) and the first person to get baby bingo won a prize (they fill it out while mom is opening her gifts). I remember it being a cute game. Good luck!

  2. HOLA!Well I certainly have missed your blogs! I'm glad you two got a chance to REALLY relax and have nothing but fun things to do for a whole week :0) May that week get you through the next year ;0) :0PAs for baby games, my gf just wrote a blog about a baby shower she threw, and the games she talked about were quite innovative and fun, so take a look if you want! and I of course always let everyone guess a weight and birth date for the baby and who ever was closest with out going over to each got a bottle of wine :0) people LOVE that one LOL! Or make a short list of animals and people have to name the baby of that animal (you can find some hard ones that are fun) OR have everyone list something baby related in alphabetical order and whoever has the word things like that. Boy I hope I didn't list any cheesy ones LOL :0) HAVE FUN!


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