Sunday, July 25, 2010

My 3 Month Old

"Who are you callin' 3 months old?!"


Haha, so it wasn't her happiest morning, but our sweet tiny girl turned 3 months old on Saturday! It's hard to believe she's been here for 3 months already. Everyone tells me how much she's changed and grown, and I know it's true but I guess I don't see it as much since I spend all of my time with her. I still think she's the most amazing little person there ever was.

So here is what she's up to at 3 months old:
  • She is doing so much talking and cooing. We spend a lot of the day chatting with each other about anything and everything. She has gotten so expressive with her voice inflection and her facial expressions (as seen above!). She has even starting putting a lot of emotion into her cries. I can tell specifically if she is bored, angry, hungry, or scared. She is mostly a very happy girl and does a lot of smiling.
  • Speaking of emotions, she started to laugh this week! I was trying to entertain her so I started to sing to her and dance her around. She thought that was super fun and she laughed her first laugh! It was heartwarming :]
  • She also loves to snack on her own two hands. She works all day at trying to get those fists into her mouth.
  • She is now reaching for and grasping toys. She started out with a Very Hungry Caterpillar toy from her aunt Erin. Now she also plays with a little teddy bear rattle toy. It was amazing to see her grasp a toy and try to manipulate it for the first time. You see her for so long as this little baby, and then when she does something intelligent you realize that her little mind is thinking and learning. I was so impressed :]
  • She now much prefers to face the world rather than lay cradled in our arms. She wants to be up on my shoulder to look around or sitting on my lap with her back to my chest looking around. She is so content to examine the world and take it all in. She has become more tolerant of her car seat, though she still doesn't really like riding in the car.
  • She is frighteningly close to outgrowing her bassinet lengthwise. I am dreading this day. When stretched out, she has about 3 inches above her head and below her feet. My fear is that she will need to move out of her bassinet and into her crib before she is sleeping through the night which will cause me to have to get up several times during the night, get out of bed, walk down the hallway, and sit in her room until she's asleep again. I much prefer sitting in my own bed.
I'm certain there are other things I'll remember as soon as I get upstairs in bed. I'll have to tel you them another time though. I'm guessing that stuff is probably pretty standard for a 3 month-old baby, so for those of you with your own babies, sorry to write a whole posting about what every baby does at 3 months. Her being my first, I find everything she does totally enchanting :]

That said, let's end this with some of her happier pictures from later on her 3 month birthday...

Until next time...

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  1. Isn't it crazy how much they change your life and yet you can hardly remember what it was like three months ago before they came? :) You should never feel like people aren't enchanted about your being enchanted with your baby, it is absolutely the best thing to read.


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