Monday, July 5, 2010

How Typical

So after the last post I got some surprised responses with regard to the amount of sleep our baby generously allowed in that 24 hours. I felt that a follow-up post on just how typical this 24 hour sampling really was would ease some minds.

For starters, the sleeping hours from that post really weren't too far off from what I'd call typical. She doesn't sleep quite that long every single night. For those of you moms whose jaws were on your keyboards after reading that, it should make you feel better to know that for the past 2 nights she has been awake every 2-3 hours all night long. Ordinarily she sleeps about 6 hours, eats and then sleeps another 1-2 hours. If I'm really lucky I can get one more hour after that (putting us at around 8:00 am), but that's a struggle sometimes.

As for the rest of the post, we do often head out of the house usually sometime around 11 am or noon. I think she just gets tired of staring at me. As you saw, we spend ample time just chatting and making faces at each other. So to change things up I like to go out to the store, walk at the park, have lunch with friends and various other outings. Sometimes she's tired enough to nap while we're out, but if not, she is definitely ready to snooze when we get home. Typically after our outing it's time to clean and straighten around the house. I try to "accomplish" something along those lines every day whether it's laundry, dishes, cleaning floors or bathrooms, or just attacking some piles of clutter that have gathered. Once daddy is home the rest of the day as shown in the last post is pretty standard. He takes over the baby duties while I get dinner together, we eat and then it's usually time to get our sweet girl ready for bed. She starts getting sleepy anywhere between 8-9:00 and whenever she eats approaching that time frame is when we put her in her pajamas, wrap her up in her swaddle blanket and she drifts off shortly after that.

Feeling a little better? She's pretty amazing, but not quite that good a sleeper just yet :]

Now that you'll be sleeping a little easier, don't forget that there's still the final post in my Transition to Mommyhood series coming up. And I have some more news on the business I am starting up. Plus, I have some cute pictures from Baby Girl's first 4th of July to share with you. So stay tuned!

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