Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sugar & Spice

Yes, that's what little girls and delicious dinners are made of! This quick and random post (incidentally about delicious dinners and little girls -- rather just one of each of those) is for you, because I care. I wanted to share a recipe I made for dinner tonight which was particularly tasty. It's not my own original so I can't take credit, but I can take credit for it turning out nicely because it did. Here's a gander...

This is sweet & spicy salmon with steamed green beans and brown rice. The salmon recipe was really easy and very very yummy. I don't think I made any modifications except that I didn't prepare as much salmon as the recipe calls for however I used the same amount of the spice rub and coated both sides of one big filet. The recipe can be found here, courtesy of Food Network.

And while you're here, I might as well share some never-before-seen new photos of our Sweet Baby Girl modeling her new jammies this morning. It was the least she could do after getting me up for the day at 6:30!

Isn't she the cutest??

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