Sunday, June 12, 2011

If you're still here...

Come back soon! I have some big updates for you from the past 6 weeks. There's nothing life-changing going on, but I realize that I haven't been the best at updating since, well... back before my bebe's birthday on April 24th! I do honestly feel like I'm still recovering from that. My house is in pretty good shape, but there are still remnants of party things around that I haven't quite found a home for. What does one do with sidewalk chalk when their child is still too young to play with it... or, a 3 gallon tub of animal crackers that never made it to the birthday party?? You see my position.

So there are some fun stories to tell. They probably would have all been individual posts if they hadn't gotten all backed up like they are now.  Therefore I'll likely do a big update post, but maybe I'll be feeling ambitious and write them all separately for you. You'll just have to come back to find out! And, to entice you further, here is a preview of some of the topics...

  • A day with me and my 13-month old
  • My first attempt at furniture refinishing
  • The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Great Strides Walk
  • Bebe's first swim and first steps
  • General cuteness and fun
  • And more!
Go ahead and try to pretend like you're not excited now. It will be worth returning for, I promise! :)

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